7 Ideas To Get Kids Active Inside On Rainy Days

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As the days get shorter and colder, it’s tempting to let your kids hibernate inside instead of piling on extra layers of clothes, hats and scarves and sending them outside. On those days you don’t want to brave the elements make the most of what you’ve got indoors, it’s easy if you think outside of the square.

7 ideas to get kids active inside during winter

7 ideas to get kids active inside on rainy days

1. Build a fort

Transform your kitchen table or one of the kid’s bunk beds into a fort where your kids can use their imagination to slave dragons or pretend they’re in a spaceship en route to the moon. You don’t need to buy anything, just use a large king-sized sheet or duvet cover and voila. If you’ve got an empty box or tent lying around, why not make a few rooms!

2. Make the most of your garage

Park the car on the road or driveway and set up a kid’s playground in the garage. Use drink bottles as skittles and play tenpin bowling or get the kids to scooter or use their balance bikes to whizz about on a road you’ve created using chalk.

Tip: While the kids are playing in the garage have a look about and see if you can de-clutter it a bit!

3. Break the rules

While running in your house might be forbidden, give the kids free rein for a day and get them playing a game of chase or tag. To make it more interesting section off the house so that in certain rooms they have to hop, others they need to crawl or walk backwards.

4. Balloon volleyball

Balls inside are a big no-no is most households so why not grab a packet of balloons, blow a few up and play balloon volleyball. Get the kids to hit it to each other and take points off it touches the ground or walls.

7 ideas to get kids active inside during winter

5. Scavenger hunt

It’s a fabulous game to get the kids to help you find missing items around your home, but also a good way to get them working as a team. Write up a list of clues for 5 items that the kids have to find or give them separate lists, don’t make it too easy and if you’ve got little ones who can’t read then draw pictures to help guide them.

6. Hide and seek

Younger kids never tire of this game, and don’t worry if you don’t think you have many hiding spots in your home, small kids will just hide in the same spot every time anyway. It’s a good way to get them to run about, learn to count and have some fun.

Hint: If you’re not a fan of kids hiding in every nook and cranny, get them to hide something that their siblings have to find and play the ‘hot and cold game’ as they get close or far away from the item.

7. Put on a dance show

Fire up the music channel or radio and get the kids to have a dance off. Older ones might be able to put together a little routine to show the family after dinner. Sure younger siblings ones won’t be able to do all the moves but they’ll make cute back-up singers/dancers!

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