7 Sleep-Related Posts You MUST Read If You Have Kids

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Once you become a parent it’s practically part of the job description that you obsess about sleep, the lack of it and why your kids hate it so much. We’ve compiled a list of helpful and amusing must-read posts about all things sleep related.

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Never in our wildest dreams did we think that as parents we’d spend half our lives talking about sleeping. Yawn.

We’re either wanting more, wanting our kids to have more or grizzling about how our teens sleep-in and our toddlers wake at the crack of dawn.

If you’re in the trenches of parenting and need some advice or simply need a laugh or you’ll cry, have a read of these posts. Simply click on the title of the post to read on.

7 Posts You Must Read About Sleep If You Have Kids

1. Expert Advice And Tips On How To Get Your Kids To Sleep

If you’re battling children who refuse to sleep, wake super early or wake after just a few hours, you will benefit from reading this. Thanks to the Sleep Health Foundation you’ll get information on what to do to get your children into bed at the right now, learn a good bedtime routine and tips on how to encourage sleep.

Read the post here.

2. How To Survive When Your Kids Wake Early

If you’ve got kids who are wide awake at 5am every morning and you’ve tried everything to make them stay asleep longer, you’re not alone. While bribing and negotiating helps, sometimes you have to resort to drastic action such as pretending you’re still asleep or hiding from them. Go on, have a laugh at your predicament, you might need it!

Read the post here.

3. Tips To Help You Teach Your Child To Self Settle and Sleep

Is it really possible to teach your child to self settle and sleep without you at night and not go completely insane in the process? According to sleep expert the answer is yes, and this article gives you practical advice that might help you and your child.

Read the post here.

4. You Know You’re Sleep Deprived When You Do These Things

You might be needing a laugh about now, otherwise you’ll probably cry. A lack of sleep can make mums do some pretty whacked stuff, like believe in magic and wear our t-shirts inside out to the supermarket!

Read the post here.

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5. 10 Commandments For Better Sleep For Kids Aged 0 to 12 Years

If you’ve ever wondered how much sleep your child should actually be having then this is one post you can’t ignore. You might be shocked by some of the answers. Also included are 10 commandments that will hopefully help your children sleep better.

Read the post here.

6 Child Night Terrors v’s Nightmares – How To Recognise The Difference

The night terrors are very different to nightmares, and both can be scary for your child and for you, but for different reasons. We have some tips to help you identify which is which. You’ll also learn how you can help and what you should and shouldn’t do when a child is having a night terror or nightmare.

Read the post here.

7. 6 Tips To Keep Your Toddler In Their Bed At Night

The reality of having a toddler in your bed is much different than the warm fuzzy images we see on the television. It feels more like a wriggling, kicking, noisy octopus sharing your space. If you feel ready to try some ways to keep them in their own bed then this post is one to read.

Read the post here.

Bonus Sleep-Related Post:

4 Quick Ways To Boost Your Energy When Sleep Deprived

Sleep deprivation is the norm for most parents, especially those with little ones. Sure we don’t have a miracle cure to make children sleep, but in this article we suggest ways to boost energy levels when you’re seriously sleep deprived.

Read the post here.

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