8 Tips On How To Take Amazing Photos

When you have kids you take on a whole heap of jobs that you never trained for. Along with nurse, chef, peace negotiator and all round slave, most of us become photographers.


Top tips for photographing kids 6

Beautiful photographs of your kids are something you will treasure for years to come, so it’s worth taking the time to learn a few tips to get the most from your photos. Here is our top tips to make it easier.


Try to choose a background that is free of clutter or any distracting objects. While it is possible to use specialty lenses or photo editing programs to blur out the background, many of us don’t have access to these. The best option is to aim for a background that isn’t busy so that the kids take centre stage. You can also check whether your camera has a portrait setting as this will often provide a slightly blurred out background automatically.


Natural light is the best kind of light to photograph in.  Aim to have your child positioned so they aren’t shaded and make sure they are not facing directly into the sun.  Ideally choose a slightly overcast day and aim for early in the morning or late in the afternoon (about an hour after sunrise or before sunset).

If your camera has a setting for “outdoor” or “sunlight” make sure you choose this as it will give you the richest colours.

Top tips for photographing kids

Top tips for photographing kids


To give your photos a real ‘wow’ look, vary the angle. Try photographing your kids from above or below or getting down to their level. Don’t always shoot straight on.

Top tips for photographing kids


The rule of thirds basically says that if you divide your frame (photo) into thirds you should position your subject in line with one of those thirds, rather than right in the middle of the photo. Give it a try, it makes the photo far more eye catching and interesting.

Top tips for photographing kids


Don’t expect your kids to get into the exact position you need. No matter how well you instruct them, kids rarely sit, stand or look exactly where you want. If you’re aiming for a certain look, YOU need to move. Some of the best photos come about when you work with your kids while they are playing, running and jumping. Photograph the moment rather than trying to orchestrate it!


The saying is never work with kids or animals… even a seasoned photographer can find photographing kids a challenge at times. The reality is that sometimes they will refuse to cooperate or get cranky or upset. Patience is the key. If you try to force them it will backfire so know when to quit and try again later.

Top tips for photographing kids


If you can capture your children’s eyes and make them stand out then you’ll almost always have a fabulous photo. Aim to capture them looking straight at the camera where possible. Remember eyes don’t lie, if you are photographing a cranky child, even if they smile, the eyes will give it away.


Photographing your children shouldn’t be a chore. It’s not an exact science and now that we have digital cameras, it doesn’t matter if you take 1000 average photos in the process of getting a great one. Have fun with your kids while you’re photographing. Let them get involved, you might be surprised by what they capture!

Top tips for photographing kids

Images via Robyn De beer, used with permission.

These photos have come from one of our very own Healthy Mummy mummies! How talented is she, and what gorgeous kids!


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