Mum Lost 19kg* Beat Depression And Found Her Self Esteem

Megan Vanderwaal lost 19kgs* and went from being depressed and self-conscious to feeling empowered and motivated thanks, in part, to the fabulously supportive Healthy Mummy community.

Mental Health Win As Mum Gains Self-Esteem And Confidence

We’re passionate about this amazing Healthy Mummy community, it enables us to support and help each other through tough times.

Megan Tells Us Her Story

How old are you Megan, and do you have any kids?

“I’m 30 and I have three children aged 7, 5 and 2.”

What Was Your Starting Weight?

“It was 68kg*.”

What Made You Decide To Lose Weight?

“I was depressed, self conscious and sick of my reflection. Couldn’t fit into clothes, and I didn’t know how to dress a body that that was size 14, as I’d always been a size 6-8.”

How Did You Lose Weight?

“I bought the 28 Day diet and exercise Book and did it for three weeks with smoothies, and I got excited with the results. So I signed up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and never looked back.”

Has It Taken You Long?

“It took 11 months for me to lose 19kg*.”

What Has Motivated You To Stay On Track?

“Honestly, my motivation waivers a lot. But my progress pictures and my goal outfits keep me going.”

Any Advice For Other Healthy Mummies?

“You ARE worth it, you CAN do it and never let anyone tell you that you can’t.”

Who Are You Doing This For and Why?

“Most people say it’s for their kids, but I’m doing it for me. I need to be happy in my body. I want a little of the old me back.”

What has changed from losing weight/gaining health in your life?

“My mental health. When I was overweight I struggled to leave the house. I would cry. I would get sick.”

“The drive to work was horrible. Some days my husband had to take me home because my anxiety was too much.”

“Since losing weight and gaining confidence my anxiety attacks are very limited. It’s a massive change in my life.”

Mental Health Win As Mum Gains Self-Esteem And Confidence

Well all of us here at The Healthy Mummy HQ think you look STUNNING Megan, and we’re so proud of you.

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