5 super surprising health benefits of activated charcoal

If you’ve seen someone smiling with what looks like black tar over their teeth when scrolling through Instagram, you’re not alone in thinking ‘what on earth is that!?

It’s activated charcoal, which can be likened to coconut oil due to it’s similar benefits and uses.

Activated charcoal has super detoxifying capabilities. After the charcoal is burned and activated, a material is made that can capture, bind and remove heavy metals, chemicals and poisons. Intrigued yet?

Check out the top 5 benefits of activated charcoal.

5 super surprising health benefits of activated charcoal

1. Whitens your teeth

Activated charcoal absorbs plaque build up and microscopic particles that cause staining (yes – including coffee stains). Brushing with the black paste can also change the PH balance in the mouth, which helps prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease. 

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2. Reduces cholesterol

A study was conducted on 7 patients with high cholesterol, where they were treated for 4 weeks with activated charcoal at a dose of 8g 3 times a day. This resulted in their total cholesterol to decrease by 25% and 41%.

3. Beats the bloat

Some researchers say that when you consume activated charcoal, it traps toxins in the charcoal’s minuscule pores. This allows toxins to be removed from the body and in turn relieve gas and bloat.

4. Prevents ageing

Activated charcoal can trap impurities found in tap water. Therefore, many have begun to wash their face with a charcoal face wash or a mask to assist with cleansing and detoxifying.

5. Can assist a hangover

Okay. So this is interesting. We read that in SOME cases where patients have had to have their stomachs pumped due to excessive consumption of alcohol (or had severe food poisoning) – activated charcoal was used to help ‘trap’ toxins and chemicals – almost like a sponge.

It’s also thought that it can absorb heavy metals and chemicals from the body WHILE strengthening the adrenals, kidneys, and liver.

To learn more about activated charcoal – we suggest chatting with your local health store owner. We also suggest chatting to a professional such as a GP, naturopath or health store owner before trying activate charcoal for yourself.

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