Adorable Baby With The Best Hairdo Wins The Internet

You guys! You can stop searching, we have found the most adorable baby on the internet. He is the cutest little sensation and it’s all because of his hair.

Baby BearImage source:

 Check Out That Mane

Mum of three, Chelsea Noon, feels like a bit of a celebrity walking down to her local grocery shop. Her eight week old son, Junior, has the BEST hair we’ve ever seen. And it just keeps on growing.

The gorgeous tot has been given the nickname baby bear due to his bouffant mane. Passers-by often stop and stare and make comments about the beautiful boy and his straight locks. A shopping trip that used to take Chelsea 40 minutes, now takes 2 hours with the barrage of questions from strangers.

While she says he mostly resembles a bear, he looks like a gremlin when grumpy. A cute gremlin, we bet.

It Will Fall Out

Doctors were shocked when he was born with a full head of hair, telling mum it would fall out. But it never did, it just kept growing and growing.

Not only was his hair huge when Junior was born, he was also the biggest baby Chelsea had. Weighing in at a whopping 10lb when he was born. Usually babies lose a little weight after birth, but he didn’t lose that either. What a very unique (and cute) little boy!

Mum, who is a former hairdresser, says she won’t be cutting it any time soon.


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