This is sadly the age girls seem to lose their self confidence, claims study

If there’s one quality we want our future women to have, it’s to feel confident and empowered. Especially in this day and age of women still not having the same equality as men in many areas, especially in the workplace.

Poignantly, it’s also come to attention lately just how many women out there feel they can’t speak up and against men.

So, it’s heartbreaking to learn that a study has claimed there is an age when young girls start to lose their self confidence.

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Sadly, there’s an age when girls seem to lose their self confidence

1,300 girls aged between eight and 18 were surveyed for the book The Confidence Code in order to see how a girl’s confidence is affected as she hits her teenage years.

Each girl was asked to rate her confidence on a scale from 0-10.

According to the survey, a girl’s self esteem drops by 30 per cent between the ages of 8 and 14.

girl upset
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It turns out, the age which girls seem to lose their confidence is around the age of 12. Girls under this age seemed to have more confidence and made friends more easily and didn’t care what others thought of them.

It seems the pivotal years between going from a child and becoming a teen can cause some girls’ confidence and self-esteem to take a turn downwards.

“I feel like everybody is so smart and pretty and I’m just this ugly girl without friends,” said one girl in the study.

“I feel that if I acted like my true self no one would like me,” said another.

How to empower our daughters

The book’s author Claire Shipman says she and co-author Katty Kay were concerned about their daughters and that’s why they created the book. 

She told CNN: ”It was just this huge focus on young women and girls. ‘What can I be doing with my girls, because I already see she’s not this. She’s experiencing that.’

“Girls, even when they speak up in class or whatever it is, they want to please people, so I feel like the next hurdle is for girls to understand that they will not always please people,” says Claire.

“People won’t always like them. And when they speak up, some people will like what they say, and others won’t, and how do they develop that armour so that they say ‘but that’s OK, because I’m me.’ “

We agree and believe more should be done to help raise our young girls to feel empowered and happy within their own skin.

This research comes after a study on 400 children, which was printed in the journal Science, found both five-year-old boys and girls thought their own gender was “brilliant” but then a year later, saw gender differences.

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