Dad WOWS us with his amazing weight loss transformation

The Healthy Mummy has been helping mums reach their weight loss goals for over 5 years now. Stef Palma is proving that it’s not only mums that can benefit from our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

We’re so proud of this amazing dad’s weight loss transformation, that is set to inspire. This is why we do what we do.

Amazing Dad Transformation That Is Set To Inspire

We were so inspired by Stef’s story when we saw it posted in our Healthy Mummy community that we just had to find out more.

Here is Stef’s Story

What did you weigh when he started you journey?

117 Kgs

What motivated you to lose weight? Did anything trigger your decision?

I was Best Man for my best friend, and I couldn’t fit into the suit.

How did you lose weight: Was it with our Challenge? Smoothies? Free Recipes?

I followed the 28 day weight loss challenge with my wife and we also use the free recipes So I basically ate what she ate. My favourite recipes is the Mexican Lasagna and the Weetbix Slice. I’ll also occasionally have a smoothie for breakfast.

How long has it taken for you to reach your goal?

1-2 years.

What’s motivated you to stay on track?

I just wanted to reach my ultimate goal of hitting 82kg. I also love the feeling I gets from fuelling his body with healthy foods and exercise. It’s a such a buzz.

What advice can you give other Healthy Dads?

Drink plenty of water and find an exercise that you love – make the journey fun.

What do you weigh now?

88 Kgs – I’m almost there.

Who are you doing this for and why?

I’m doing this for me and kids. I want to live a healthy lifestyle and ensure I’m around for as long as possible!

What has changed in your life since losing weight?

I have so much more energy, even during working long hours. My confidence has also gone up and up.

Thank you Annette for sharing your husband Stef’s story with, he’s truly an inspiration, and shows how The Healthy Mummy can be a game changer in family life.

Keep up the fantastic work, you should both be extremely proud of yourselves.

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