This is why babies and children can’t remember their early memories

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Ever wondered why you can’t remember taking your first steps, saying your first word or even being born?

Well scientists may have figured that out, and it’s all down to brain development.


Can’t remember being a baby? Here’s why…

When we’re born, our brains aren’t fully formed yet. In fact they don’t stop developing until we’re young adults.

A newborn baby’s brain is only a quarter of its adult size, and by two years old, it’s grown to three-quarters the size of an adult brain! As the brain gets bigger, we also grow more brain cells (neurons) and the connections between these cells.

There’s a part of our brain called the hippocampus which stores autobiographical memories from specific events. There, new neurons are constantly being created, but in adulthood the production slows down. However when we’re babies and children, heaps of brain cells are produced very quickly and they form connections with each other in memory circuits that might mess up existing networks of memories that have already formed. Scientists think this could be why infants can’t remember certain things later on in life.

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So can our babies remember anything?

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But turns out babies CAN develop memories. These can be implicit like learning to crawl and walk i.e. things we do without thinking about them as well as explicit memories like an event that happened to us.

As children get older, their ability to remember things for long periods of time gets better. Research has shown that when they were taught to imitate an action, six month-old babies could remember what to do for 24 hours and 9 month-olds could remember what to do nine months later.

Though babies may have this memory loss, childhood experiences have been found to influence them later on as adults which implies that traces of these memories could be stored somewhere in the brain. So keep that in mind next time you go on a family holiday- that positive experience may shape them later on in life!

Interesting! What’s your earliest memory?

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