This may help your baby (and you!) sleep better

We have been taught to breastfeed and/or use formula for the first 6 months of your babies life and then slowly introduce solids.

A new study suggests otherwise, and claims the result of giving solids EARLIER than 6 months is your bub sleeping better and a better quality of life.

Ultimately, every mum knows what’s best for her baby but this is some intriguing info…

Anything for a little more shut eye right!?

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Introducing solids earlier may help with your babies sleep

The study, by King’s College, London, and St George’s, University of London, surveyed 1,303 three-month-olds, and divided them into two groups.

The first was solely breastfed for 6 months and the second group were given solid foods in ADDITION to breast milk from the age of 3 months.

The result

The infants in the second group slept longer, woke less frequently and had far fewer serious sleep problems than those who were exclusively breastfed until about six months.

The differences between the groups peaked at 6 months, with the group fed solids early sleeping for a quarter of an hour longer per night (almost 2 hours longer per week) and waking less frequently – 1.74 times a night rather than twice a night! Goodbye 1000 resettles!

What else was found was that the group of babies on early solids reported half the rate of the type of serious sleep problems, such as crying and irritability, which make it less likely that parents are going to get back to sleep.

Positive effects

Not only does this positively affect the babies sleeping and rest time, it also affects parents. With bub getting more sleep you as a parent can get more sleep and ultimately feel better about yourself.

Co author of the study Dr Michael Perkin, from St George’s, University of London said, “Given that infant sleep directly affects parental quality of life, even a small improvement can have important benefits.”

They don’s say ‘sleep on it’ for no reason. Getting enough sleep is pivotal to our moods, our decision making and our overall quality of life. Just look at how much sleep a parent loses in the first year and what it can do.

“While the official guidance is that starting solid foods won’t make babies more likely to sleep through the night, this study suggests that this advice needs to be re-examined in light of the evidence we have gathered,” Prof Gideon Lack from King’s College, London, said.

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As every family is different, if this idea doesn’t appeal to you, why not check out 4 benefits of breastfeeding your baby beyond 12 months!

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