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Bec Shows Us The Best Way To Lose Weight

Hi Healthy Mummy

I am very happy to report to you that thanks to your healthy eating weight loss plan and the healthy mummy products I have lost 12.8 kg and weigh 67.3 kg (2.3 kg away from my goal weight of 65 kg!) and this is the best way to lose weight

I was 22 kg heavier at the end of my pregnancy and lost roughly 8 kg after my baby was born in August 2013.

I bought your 28 day diet and exercise plan and began my weight loss journey on the 2nd of January this year. I was thrilled to see results after the first week, the food is delicious, I never felt hungry and was able to successfully continue breastfeeding and this is the best way to lose weight I have found.

Bec Shows Us The Best Way To Lose Weight

After the first week I purchased the Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix as the recipes in the book looked amazing – the mocha is my favourite and I still have one for breakfast everyday, it is so easy to prepare with a bub.

My husband and I still enjoy many of the meals in the 28 day plan but have also been enjoying the recipes from your website.

The weight loss plans has taught me how to eat properly again which will be handy when I can start to maintain my weight. Thanks to your plans I’m now feeling wonderful and have stepped up my exercise so have started to train for an 8 km fun run in May!

Thanks again,

Bec Moylan


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