Research suggests your little one’s birth date will influence their self-confidence

The time of year you are born could have a huge impact on our self confidence as well as your overall success at school and later in life – and it has nothing to do with astrology!

Although saying that, Virgos, Libras and Scorpios may be at an advantage purely down to the date of their birthday.

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology reveals that the cut-off date for when your little one can begin school may potentially impact their personality and later success.

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New research suggests being older than your classmates can be a big advantage

661 Australian school kids in years eight to nine (13-15 years old) were surveyed about their tendency to take risks and how confident they felt.

Another study by the same researchers looked at 1,000 Aussie adults aged between 24 and 60 and assessed how confident their were and what risks they had taken.

Researchers found that those who are the oldest in the year makes them more likely to take risks and this confidence and risk-taking can also be carried into adulthood.

A previous study undertaken by Duke University researchers Philip Cook and Songman Kang had similar findings.

They tracked five groups of children from a North Carolina public school and found that older students tended to have higher tests scores than their younger peers in the same school year.

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“Those born just after the cut date for starting school are likely to outperform those born just before in reading and maths in middle school, and are less likely to be involved in juvenile delinquency,” read the study notes.

However, so many other factors play a role in the future success of a person such as opportunities they are given in life, their peers, encouragement from parents, willingness to learn as well as the quality of teachers they had at school.

In Australia, the cut-off dates for school year vary between states. 

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