Weight Loss

Mum reveals 6 ways to AVOID falling off the weight loss wagon

Sticking to a healthy eating plan isn’t always easy. As well all know, sometimes, life just gets in the way.

You may find yourself at friend’s barbecue or at a restaurant for a birthday party, and there’s nothing super clean and healthy to eat. We’ve all been in these situations. And that’s okay. 

Where the problem lies is when we then eat one bad meal after another and as a result, start to fall off the weight loss wagon. So, what can do you to ensure you stay on weight loss track? How can you make the impossible…feel a little more possible?

Stef before and after

written by:

Jennifer Hartnett

Jennifer is our Senior News Producer with a passion for trending news and lifestyle stories. Jennifer spends the rest of her time running around after her son Kian.