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Carmen Has Lost 18kg

Carmen Chong Nee is a Mum to 3 from New Zealand and has lost an amazing 18kgs following the Healthy Mummy weight loss plans

Carmen Has Lost 18kg

Hi Beautiful Mummys!

My name is Carmen Chong-Nee and I am the very proud mother of 3 beautiful children, Marley age 4, Marcus age 2 ½ and Maiya age 16months. My 3 M’s and the apples of my eye.

I like so many of us fell into the tired trap and reaching for the most convenient foods available to me which often resulted in nutrient deficient high calorie foods that wreaked havoc on my body, seeing me not only pile on weight but also gravely affected my mental health and saw me seeing a counselor for PND and anxiety. I reached my highest weight in June at 111.6kg.

Thankfully I stumbled across an advertisement for Healthy Mummy on Facebook. Their philosophy’s about weight loss totally resonated with me and I started reading their regular emails and trying out their recipes. I also joined the private support group on Facebook and after seeing so many incredible results decide to join the Bi-monthly 28 Day Challenges.

The 28 Day Challenges have been such an incredible tool in my weight loss. I started my first challenge in September weighing in at 109.3kg (as seen in my picture) and have since lost 16kg, bringing my total weight loss to 18.4kg.

The bulk of this weight has been lost during the challenge months. Having the support of so many other women taking part in the challenges really helps and encourages me to complete all the exercise challenges and stick to the meal plans.

A few of my favourite features of the challenges is the fact everything is already done for you so you don’t have to worry about writing out a shopping list or thinking about what you’re going to eat, it’s all there done ready to print which is so handy for us as busy mums. Another feature I love is that all the calories for the food are already worked out for you.

The Healthy Mummy Smoothies have also played a role in my weight loss. I am still breastfeeding my 16month old and knowing that I’m consuming something that is safe for her is so incredibly important to me aswell as knowing its providing me with all the nutrients I need. The smoothies are absolutely delicious and a lifesaver for those “run off your feet” moments when I just had no time to prepare and cook something, so having them on hand to quickly blend together for a quick on the go meal is incredible and there are just so many recipes to choose from.

The Healthy Mummy has not just helped me lose weight but has given me a new lease on life. I no longer suffer from PND and my anxiety attacks are few and far between and I have way more control of them when they do occur. Despite being bigger still now than my pre pregnancy weights for all 3 of my children I have never been healthier or happier or more confident in myself than I am now.

All this because The Healthy Mummy has taught me how to feed my body with nutritionally dense food, that feeds my mind body and soul they it needs to. I hope that my story can inspire you to take this journey aswell. It wont be easy but it WILL BE WORTH IT!

Carmen xo

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