Casey Breastfeeds and Loses Her Baby Weight

Here is Casey’s story on how she lost her pregnancy weight. Go Casey!! You are looking super fit!

Casey Breastfeeds and Loses Her Baby Weight

During my pregnancy I put on 20 kilograms and when I had my son only 4 of those came off after his birth!

I wanted to lose my pregnancy weight so was research several diets. I desperately didn’t want to comprimise my milk supply was incredibly happy when I cam across the Healthy Mummy Range of products and site.I purchased the 28 diet and exercise plan that same night and started immediately. I also read some of the inspiring stories about other women’s weight loss which made me realise I could do this too. I thought that one day I would be able to share my success story like the other ladies. And here I am doing that now!!!

I have lost 13kilos so far and have only 3 kilos to go. I know I can do it now. My increased energy levels mean I have been able to incorporate more exercise in my day. I feel stronger and fitter for my growing family and always thought after having children that I would find it difficult to exercise. Well I was wrong! The Healthy Mummy Plans and the diet and exercise tips have motivated me through this journey.

Thank you to everyone that has helped me a long the way. I recommend it to everyone and thank you again.
Casey Bird

Everyone’s journey after having a baby is different. If you are having difficulty with losing some weight and feel emotionally and physically ready, then have a look at our plans.


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