It IS CHEAPER To Buy Healthy Foods Over Junk Food, Reveals A New Study…

The common misconception is that eating healthily is expensive but that junk food is cheap.

But is this actually true?

Healthy Food

Fast Food Is More Expensive

Data published by the Institute of Economic Affairs [IEA] compared the high and low calorie foods and the costs per serve and found that while fast food appears to be cheaper, it actually isn’t.

The U.K.-based survey found that a staggering 40 per cent of 18 to 34 years olds believe they can’t afford to purchase healthy products because of the price.

Large group of junk food

In fact, they found that healthier foods bought in supermarkets tend to have a smaller price tag than their unhealthier counterparts.

If anything, healthier foods go further. For example, a cheese burger could cost you a couple of dollars, but you could also buy a kilo of sweet potatoes, a bag of apples or carrots for the same price and this food is not only better for you, but it also goes further.

Satay Fried Rice

This Thai Style Vegetarian Satay Fried Rice With Egg recipe has us going back for seconds – guilt free!

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“A diet of muesli, rice, white meat, fruit and vegetables is much cheaper than a diet of Coco Pops, ready meals, red meat, sugary drinks and fast food,” says Chris Snowdon, the report’s author and head of lifestyle economics at the IEA.

“The idea that poor nutrition is caused by the high cost of healthy food is simply wrong. People are prepared to pay a premium for taste and convenience.”

“A nutritious diet that meets government recommendations is more affordable than ever.

“Given the relatively high cost of junk food, it is unlikely that taxing unhealthy food or subsidising healthy food would change people’s eating habits. Instead, it would transfer wealth from the poor to the rich.”

For the Australian dietary guidelines, click here.

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