17 Reasons Why CHUX Magic Erasers Are The Best Thing Ever for Parents

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Sometimes a product comes into your life that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it. For my partner, this would have to be Netflix. For my son, it would be the iPad and for my daughter, it would be Shopkins (because, like every mum, I love cleaning up teeny tiny bits of toy food every afternoon).

For me (and I know, this makes me look very sad), it’s CHUX Magic Erasers. No, I haven’t been paid to write this. I just really like the things. And here are 17 reasons why you probably do too.

girl drawing on wall

Erasing evidence of raising children… one magical white square at a time

If you haven’t been formally introduced to CHUX Magic Erasers, then let me tell you a little bit about them. They are these soft, white pieces of material sprinkled with magic fairy dust that can literally clean anything. Originally used to remove scuff marks off the floors, mums have discovered that they can do that and so much more. And when you have tiny terrors running around the house, scuff marks are going to be the least of your worries.

So here are some of the other reasons why CHUX Magic Erasers are this mum’s best friend (yes, I don’t get out much, okay?):

1. They unstick the computer keyboards.

You can clean the textured plastic parts of your computer keyboard and mouse with them, which is especially handy after your kids have decided to put their sticky juice fingers all over your work space.

2. They remove dried paint.

Because “keep your paint material outside and on the plastic covering” is something my kids don’t seem to understand.

3. They can remove mould and mildew from anything plastic.

Baby toys, baby baths and high chairs can come out of their garage retirements and live to see another pregnancy! Sorry Toys ‘R Us.

4. They get rid of that annoying sticker residue.

You know, that stuff that gets left behind when your toddler is quiet for 15 minutes and you assume she is playing nicely and not covering your entire bedroom with Frozen stickers.

5. They can remove hair dye from counter tops.

Okay, this one might be my fault. But when you have kids the only time to dye your hair is after they have gone to bed…and after a few wines.

6. They remove nail polish spills.

“But Mummy I just wanted to paint my nails,” is a common phrase in my house. And usually painting nails also means painting the bathroom tiles.

chux magic erasers

7. They remove crayon,  permanent marker and pen from any surface.

So no matter where your child decides to get creative, you can wipe it away effortlessly.

8. They remove the toothpaste splashes from your bathroom mirrors.

The ability to spit toothpaste into the sink without hitting the mirror is clearly reserved for people over the age of 10.

9. They remove sticky hand prints from pretty much any surface.

Mirrors. Windows. Walls. You got it.

10. They can breathe new life into your nappy bag.

Simply wipe the surface with a Magic Eraser and your bag is like brand new!

chux magic erasers

11. They get rid of food stains engraved on your food containers.

No need to buy new Tupperware for the kids’ lunches. Just give the dry containers a quick wipe. This is also a great trick to get rid of the wine stains from glasses and the coffee stains from inside your mugs.

12. They can detail your car.

You know, if you ever had a spare weekend and felt like doing this…

13. You can use them as part of arts and crafts time.

They make the perfect sponge for painting and are much easier to clean up than paint brushes.

14. They can get rid of dried play dough… AND GLITTER.

Magic really does exist!

chux magic erasers

15. They can polish shoes.

Just in time for school picture day.

16. They can even keep your kids clean.

Out of baby wipes? Grab a Magic Eraser and gently wipe your little one’s face with it to remove the excess milk and toast crumbs.

17. But, most of all, they generally make housework easier.

They remove soap scum from the showers, they remove marks off the walls, they clean splatters from inside the microwave, they remove waterline marks from the pool, they clean the oven, they polish the window sills, the list goes on and on and on.

If you haven’t discovered these white miracle minion workers yet, I suggest giving them a go. Parenting is so much easier with them in your cleaning corner.

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