How the click of a button helped this mum lose over 30kgs

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Can you tell the difference between these two photos? Well mum of two Hayley certainly can, and she says that the difference is The Healthy Mummy!

From someone who was rarely active and didn’t participate in sports during their school days, Hayley is now feeling physically and mentally healthier than ever before and over 30kgs lighter. Congratulations!

Hayley Campbell

How the click of a button helped this mum lose over 30kgs

The photo on the left shows a completely different woman to who Hayley is now.

“In my before photo I was 140kg, I had zero fitness, zero muscle tone and let an almost completely sedentary life! This was all I had ever known!”

But fast forward to the present, and Hayley has said goodbye to over 30kgs and made some massive changes to her life.

Hayley says, “Now, since finding The Healthy Mummy, I move my body where and when I can.

“I don’t eat crap, because The Healthy Mummy has me covered with amazing fulfilling food and combined with fitting in exercise when I can, I am in the best physical, emotional and mental state of my life!”

“It’s amazing what the click of one button has done for my life!”

We’re so proud of you Hayley, keep up your fantastic work!

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