There’s a NEW way to control your portions and it involves talking to yourself!

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Portion control is one of the most important factors in weight loss, weight maintenance and weight gain, especially when you are trying to lose weight.

A new brain imaging study has found that making healthier portion choices has everything to do with how we TALK to ourselves BEFORE we start eating.

Here at The Healthy Mummy, we are all about having a holistic approach to food, a healthy relationship with all food groups, portion control and maintaining a balanced and all inclusive diet so as not to feel like you are missing out on life’s pleasures!

This news on portion control finds some great insights into how we can positively change our mindsets on overeating.

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Study shows how you can talk yourself into portion control

Researchers recruited participants ranging from normal weight to obese and asked them to think about one of 3 things while selecting a portion size for lunch:

  1. the health effects of the food they were about to eat
  2. their expected pleasure from eating the food
  3. their intention to stay full from lunch until dinnertime

A control group was also asked to choose their portion size without any particular mindset instructions (this was used to compare the results to).

portion plate

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The results

It turns out that thinking about the health effects of what we’re about to eat is the most effective way to curb overeating!

  1. The results showed that almost everyone, regardless of weight, chose smaller portions when told to think about the health effects of the food.
  2. When it came to expected pleasure, the obese participants chose larger portions than normal-weight participants.
  3. When told to think of fullness until dinner, most participants chose larger portions regardless of their weight.

As result number 1 shows, thinking about what nutrients are in the food and the positive effect they will have on our body after consumption, is a great way to control portion sizes!

The study suggests to have a little pre-meal chat with ourselves about what the food is going to do to our body! See these portion control tips!

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When it comes to result number 2, when we think about how good that burrito bowl is going to taste, our eyes grow bigger than our stomach.

Stephanie Kullmann, lead study investigator said, “Focusing on food for pleasure leads to bigger servings and increased brain responses to food reward, while the sensation of fullness is perceived as less satisfying.”

See how a portion of your favourite food should actually look like.

snack plate

And the final result shows that thinking about HOW to stay fuller longer is arguably the worst form of portion control as it directly encourages you to eat more!

Eating mindfully and really tasting your lunch and focusing on this meal is a better way to avoid overeating.

Check out how this mum coped with overeating.

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