Coronavirus-inspired baby names are now a thing – yes, really!

The coronavirus pandemic seems to have inspired new parents and now it seems COVID-19-inspired baby names are now on the rise. 

We’re not kidding! You may need to sit down before you hear this…

An Indian couple named their twins Covid and Corona recently and someone shared on Twitter that they called their child Covid Bryant, in honour of the virus and the late Kobe Bryant.

Check out some more COVID-19-inspired baby names below.

Coronavirus-inspired baby names are now a thing - yes, really!

Coronavirus-inspired baby names

1. Cove

A shortened name for coronavirus.

2. Cor’ona Vyrus

A different way to spell it.

3. Covida

A more feminine moniker.

4. Kovy

If you want to mix things up a bit.

5. Quarantina

After being in quarantine.

6. Rona

Knock off the ‘co’ and just use Rona.

7. Sanny

A nod to hand sanitiser.

Coronavirus-inspired baby names are now a thing - yes, really!

Baby names inspired by the pandemic that are more subtle

If you don’t want to directly name your child after the pandemic but are looking for other inspirational names for these unprecedented times, then check these out:

1. Alina

Meaning: A Greek name that means ‘light’.

2. Asha

Meaning: ‘Hope, life’.

3. Beacon

Meaning: ‘Signal of light’.

4. Dillion

Meaning: ‘Ray of hope’.

5. Luken

Meaning: A Basque name that means ‘light’.

6. Luz

Meaning: ‘Light’.

7. Nadia

Meaning: A Russian name that means ‘hope’.

8. Thea

Meaning: ‘Goddess of light’.

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