After struggling to conceive, this couple now has QUINTUPLETS!

Christmas is such a special time for new families to be together – so you can imagine just how EXCITING it is for these busy new parents of quintuplets!

Briana and Jordan Driskill have five little ones to share the festive season with! But their journey to parenthood wasn’t an easy one.

Read their incredible story here…

Courtesy of Sweetlilpics

Five surprise babies

Briana suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS, which can sometimes make it harder for women to conceive. After two years of trying with no success, the South Kentucky based couple decided to try IUI (intrauterine insemination).

However, sadly their first four attempts failed.

“We almost gave up. We took a six month break and decided to try one more time,” Briana tells Babble.

Luckily, the fifth time was a success and they soon found out they were expecting FIVE babies.

“I like to say I got a baby for every IUI attempt.”

Briana was on bedrest for the last six weeks of her pregnancy to give her babies a better chance of survival, and they were born at 28 weeks gestation.

After struggling to conceive, this couple now has QUINTUPLETS (five babies)
Courtesy of Sweetlilpics

Merry Quintmas

Zoey Hart, Asher Blaze, Dakota Faith, Gavin Lane, and Hollyn Grace Driskell are now all thriving and are six months old.

To celebrate their first Christmas, Briana and Jordan recruited photographer Ashley Childress of Sweetlilpics for a sweet festive photoshoot.

Look how cute the pics are!

Courtesy of Sweetlilpics
Courtesy of Sweetlilpics

As you can imagine, splashing out on one or two babies under six months let alone five is tough on finances – so Briana and Jordan have put together an Amazon wish list and also a GoFund me page.

Thanks for giving us permission to share your story with us, Briana. We love the pics and hope you and Jordan have a magical time with your quints for your first Christmas together as a family.

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