Scientists reveal CRYING can help you LOSE weight – yes, really!

Are you an emotional person? Do you cry when you look back at pictures of your kids as babies or when you watch a really sad film?

The good news is, when you let the tears roll it may also actually helping you shed any unwanted kilos! Yup, you are literally crying them out.

In fact, experts believe a good ol’ sobbing session between 7 to 10pm every day can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Here’s how…

Scientists reveal CRYING can help you LOSE weight - yes, really!

How crying can HELP you lose weight

According to a study conducted by the Los Altos Optometric Group and published in AsiaOne, crying is linked to hormones that heighten the cortisol level, which can lead to a build-up of fat around the stomach if not released.

And in addition to being a good psychological outlet, crying is good for reducing the stress levels in the body.

Researchers found there are three types of tears: Basal tears (which naturally keep the eyes moist), Reflex tears (which are a reaction to dust, smoke or wind) and Psychic tears.

Psychic tears are associated with emotions and this prompts an excretory process which removes toxic substances from the body. Therefore fat cannot be stored.

Scientists reveal CRYING can help you LOSE weight - yes, really!

However, experts stress in order to lose weight by crying you have to be having a natural emotional cry – you can’t cheat by cutting onions!

Meanwhile, a previous study by the University of Minnesota, found that crying can also help with boosting your immunity.

10 things you’d only ever cry about if you’re PREGNANT

“We feel better after crying because we are literally crying it out,” said Professor William Frey, who worked on the study.

“Chemicals that build up ­during emotional stress may be removed in our tears when we cry.

“Unalleviated stress can increase risk of heart attack and damage certain ­areas of our brain. The human ability to cry has a survival value.”


Maybe we should all add The Notebook to our list of things to watch on Netflix tonight!

10 things you’d only ever cry about if you’re PREGNANT

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