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Dad takes the cutest Disney-inspired snaps of his son!

Serious dad goals!

This legendary dad has gained recognition for the incredible Disney-inspired snaps he takes of his son Beckham.

Best of all, he shares his creations on Instagram for his 30,000 followers…

Dad creates cute Disney-inspired scenes with his son

Tucker Boham says he’s always been a huge Disney fan and has been dressing up Beckham since he was two days old.

“I took a picture of [Beckham] in a Woody bodysuit that his grandma gave him where he was surrounded by some of my Toy Story characters,” he tells Babble.

“I never really used Instagram, but I figured I was a new dad with a love for Toy Story, so I changed my username to @ToyStoryDad.”

What’s more, Tucker and his wife Rachel make the cute costumes themselves.

“We decided to start creating costumes ourselves because there weren’t a ton of boy options available,” continues Tucker.

“We definitely have to get creative. It is pretty labor intensive between making the costumes, taking the pictures, and editing, but it’s such a fun family project.”

Tucker can’t believe how much traction his posts have received, and he’s humbled to know he’s got followers all over the world.

“I honestly never expected this account to grow into something so big,” he added.

“It is amazing that we have followers all over the world who find value in our content. My favorite responses are when we get random messages from followers letting us know that we have brightened their day. That is why we put in the work to bring these fun photos to life. If we can help one person smile on a bad day, then our mission is accomplished.”

Awww, what an amazing keepsake. Thanks for giving us permission for sharing your story, Tucker.

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