Dad Urges Parents To Check Their Baby’s Dummies After His Daughter Nearly Choked On Hers

A shaken dad is urging parents to check their baby’s dummies after his daughter nearly choked to death on her pacifier.

Deadly Dummy

Earl Wilson says his 18-month-daughter turned blue after she started gagging on a piece of Tommee Tippee pacifier that broke in her mouth.

“Beware, my daughter nearly choked on this Tommee Tippee soother yesterday morning,” the U.K.-based dad posted on Facebook along with a pic of the broken dummy.

“If it wasn’t for my wife’s quick thinking I’d hate to think what would (have) happened. My daughter turned blue and [she] had to remove the teat from her throat.

“My main concern is it’s an owl dummy so people will be using it at bed time. I don’t think my daughter would be here now if this happened in the middle of the night.”

A group of baby essentials - diapers, pacifier and powder.
A group of baby essentials – diapers, pacifier and powder.

Similar Situations

Since then other parents have come forward to reveal they’ve scarily had a similar situations with the same brand of dummy.

One posted: “My daughter almost choked on one of these as well. I heard a muffled noise and when I went into the room she had the whole dummy in her mouth and it was lodged.

“I believe the dummies are too small and something needs to be done by Tommy Tippee.”

“My son had these exact dummies – he has had them for about four months and they are fine.”

One mum even claimed this same incident had happened to her baby in 2009.

However, others say they’ve never had any problems with their soothers.

Tommee Tippee Are Going To Investigate The Incident

A spokesman for Tommee Tippee said in an official statement: “The safety and wellbeing of babies is at the heart of absolutely everything we do, so we’re taking this extremely seriously.

“We’re very sorry that Earl and his wife and daughter have had this experience; it must have been very distressing for them.

“We’re going to investigate this thoroughly, and have already spoken to Earl’s wife, Sam, to arrange to get the soother back so we can examine it. We would like to reassure parents that all of our products comply with strict European safety standards.

“However, like all other soother manufacturers, we always advise parents to pull the soother in all directions and look for bite marks before every single use, and throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness.

“Anyone with any questions or concerns about our soothers can contact us via our Facebook page or via our Careline.”

A spokesperson from B&M, says: “The care and safety of our customers is our top priority so we have asked our supplier to investigate this incident.”

If there’s one video every parent should watch, it’s this. It will prepare you in the event of your infant choking.


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