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Welcome To WEEK 4 Of The December 28 Day Weight Loss Challege

It’s the FINAL WEEK of the December 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and we’re super excited!! You might have started to notice some changes in the scales and in your overall body shape which is FANTASTIC!!

We’re going to end this December challenge with a bang this week by putting an extra big focus on getting your ready for Christmas and New Year.  We’ve got some AMAZING recipes and exercise and meal prep tips, so hang in there ladies, the end is in sight and you are all AWESOME.

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Simple Steps to a Stress Free Christmas

From Marissa Nieves, the 28 day weight loss challenge fitness expert.

The Christmas season can bring much joy, fun and excitement but with it can come added stress and longer to-do lists. Try a few of these simple activities over the festive season to feel more relaxed and enjoy each moment a little more.

1. Take up Walking

Instead of jumping out of bed to your to-do list, try using gentle exercise and breathing such as walking, stretching or yoga first thing in the morning to combat those stress hormones, especially cortisol. Starting off slow will allow the body to feel more relaxed later in the day and reduce stress when unexpected things creep in.

2. When in doubt. Breathe

If you are feeling stressed, take 5 minutes out to just sit and breathe. The simple act of engaging the diaphragm and allowing more oxygen to enter the blood cells and organs can help you feel more relaxed and happy in just a few minutes. Sit, take a deep breath in, hold and then simply release your breath and concentrate on just breathing naturally for 2-3 minutes.

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3. Bring in the Holiday Spirit!

If you are feeling stressed or overworked, choose to perform a few activities that you love just for half a day. It may mean doing something nice for a friend or family member, taking your dog for a walk in the park, hanging with friends, swimming at the beach or simply sitting out in the sun on a beautiful day. The happier you can feel this Christmas, the more holiday spirit you will be able spread to others around you.

4. Give yourself a Christmas gift.

Busy times in life bring a greater need for self care. Ensuring you are getting enough sleep, hydration and physical activity in your day is a great start but it is also necessary to take some time and enjoy some relaxation. Schedule yourself in for a massage as Christmas approaches and give a gift to yourself! Science shows that massage therapy can reduce stress both on the body and mind to help you enjoy the season all that much more.

Choose 2 or more of these steps this Christmas season to help you slow down, breathe, take some time for yourself and help you enjoy all that this holiday season has to offer.

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As always this month the simplified meal plan shows that by repeating recipes, making some meals in bulk and using recipes with similar ingredients, makes it REALLY EASY to do meal prep and get organised for a healthy week of eating. Just copy our “Simplified Meal Plan” into your customiser (making any serve and recipe changes to suit you) and follow the meal prep tips on the recipes to become a Meal-Prep-Machine!

Download week 4’s simplified meal plan HERE.

If you haven’t already checked out this weeks meal plan, then quickly head there NOW.

Our favourite recipes from this week’s challenge are:

  • Prawns with pineapple and ginger sauce
  • Zucchini and bacon muffins
  • plum pudding balls AND plum pudding ice-cream

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This week’s exercise plans are still focused on the butt and thighs (one of our MOST popular Challenge themes to date), and include some NEW exercise videos.

Don’t forget to end the month with a fitness test – You’ll have amazed by how far you’ve come.!

You’ve got this ladies!


Our AWESOME January  BELLY BUSTING 28 day weight loss challenge will be starting on MONDAY 2nd January and if you want to sign up you can do it HERE.  Make 2017 your fittest and healthiest year yet!!

If you’re worried about the gap week between the end of December and the start of January, then DON’T because we’ve totally got you covered with this bonus holiday meal plan.  Download on the app the same way as you would all your other challenge menus.

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