Delight Loses 18kg With The Healthy Mummy Products & Plans

The fantastic Delight Smallridge has been sending in her weight loss updates on the Healthy Mummy plans over the past few months and she has been doing a fantastic job!

And Delight has now sent a new update and photo in which shows her current updated results and WOW she looks AMAZING!! A huge well done for doing such an job and being so committed and motivated and putting in so much hard work Delight!

Delight used our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and our Healthy Mummy Smoothies

Delight Loses 18kg

Delight’s Weight Loss Update

“Hi Healthy Mummy team I began my weight loss journey with you on the 23rd of October 2012 weighing in at 87kgs. 7 months on I’m down to 69 kgs. 4kgs to go and I’m on the weight when I got married 6 years ago. Thank you so much!

Delight weight loss

I was on the website this week reading Linda Hallas‘ story and Kate English‘ story and I also looked at other mums Photos and I thought that it had been a while since I took photo exposing tummy so I did it and was surprise – I hope other mums find this motivational too as I find this to be a great source of motivation seeing other mums’ stories.

Thanks again


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