A change in diet helped this mum lose 36kg and overcome social anxieties

Post after post in The Healthy Mummy’s Private Facebook Support Group had Jessica’s motivation levels jump and jump. With so many incredible weight loss transformations from real mumsJessica was determined for change. In 2017, Jessica felt encouraged and made the decision to join The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. 

Jessica begun her journey at 127kgs. Jessica now weighs in at 91kg. That’s an incredible weight loss result of 36kg. “I’ve made it to every goal I’ve set for myself and I’ll continue to keep on reaching them,” Jessica reveals.

In this article, Jessica reveals how a change in diet helped her lose an incredible 36kgs and improve the likes of her happiness, confidence and mental health.

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A change in diet helped this mum lose 36kg and overcome social anxieties

Jessica was ready to lose weight, but to begin with, her motivation wasn’t so high or something that came naturally. Motivation is something she fought for and dug deep within herself to find.

When she first joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, she found herself going back to the Private Facebook Support Group to draw inspiration from other mums on the Challenge.

After a few weeks, Jessica says her motivation improved. And it got easier thanks to the advice, before and after images and weight loss stories from these women.

Jessica also begun to notice her anxieties improve.

“My anxiety was crazy bad, I wouldn’t leave the house for weeks, I wouldn’t even answer the phone,” Jessica admits. “How times have changed!”

Jessica now goes for walks, jogs on her own, heads to the shopping centre solo and loves hanging out with her friends.

“I was hard on myself and pushed myself and I don’t regret it because now I feel like I’m inspiring others,” she says.

With each new 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Jessica sets herself a little goal. It may be to lose 3kgs, drink more water, go for a run solo x3 a week ect. And Jess makes sure she hits these goals.

So far…she has.

Her more long term goals include to get into the 80kg weight range and practice self love.

“I’m taking in every part of this journey, learning new things and including my daughter in every part of it. This is a life changing experience so I’m going to enjoy it,” she adds.

A vegetarian meal plan

Jessica’s grocery shopping has changed a lot and instead of buying pre-packaged foods she buys the ingredients to make it all from scratch.

Meal prepping with her mum every Sunday for the week ahead, the duo double up on meals and space them out so the week is planned and completed. “With the Challenge app and meal plans I noticed I was starting to eat healthier and eat things I thought I’d never touch!” Jessica said.

From a meat eater to a vegetarian, Jessica changes her favourite Healthy Mummy meals by using the customising tool in the Challenge app. “I’m a vegetarian now so I change it up a little to suit me and its soooo good! I love creamy mushroom and spinach pizza!” she says.

Craving a vege pizza? Try this 20 minute pesto pizza!

Support system

Jessica says support is big and if you haven’t got the support you wish you did at home, get onto The Healthy Mummy private support group and speak up!

I can’t thank all these ladies enough, I have lovely support at home but sometimes I just need support from others who are going through what I am.”

When it comes to exercise Jessica puts her headphones in, finds a beautiful place to walk and simply breathes and enjoys some me time. “Think about where you started with your journey, this to me is so important to do at the end of the day, it makes me feel great!” she says.

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