Do I Need to Lose Weight?

How much weight should you lose to be healthy?

How do you know how much weight you should lose?

What ‘figures’ determine how healthy you are?woman standing on scales

There are a few figures and measurements you can use to figure out how much weight you could aim to lose or what weight you would like to be. Some of these are scale driven, some are measurement figure driven and the rest are internal.

Today we wanted to highlight some easy to use tools to see how much weight you should aim to lose.

Firstly we have the Basal Metabolic Rate calculation. This is based on how many calories or energy your body needs each day to work. To run like a machine.

Each person’s calculation is different and determined by various factors such as age, sex, activity levels, weight and height. You can find the BMR calculator on the Healthy Mummy Site here.

Once you insert all the information, this figure will give you the amount of calories you need to consume each day to maintain your current weight.

If you want to lose weight, you will need to reduce this figure by 10-15%.

So let’s look at the calculation wise.

If we put in information to represent a woman who is 30, 175cm and weighed 65 kg, her BMR requirement is 1453 calories. Her energy requirements per day are 1853 calories. If she wanted to lose weight then she would need to reduce the 1853 figure by 10-15%.

So the equation is 1853 – (1853x 0.1) = 1667 . Therefore if she would like to lose some weight then she needs to reduce= her calorie consumption to 1667 calories per day based on the information she gave.

If she was breastfeeding, this figure should be increased slightly. And if you are breastfeeding exclusively, you need to increase your calorie intake by 300-600 calories per day to compensate for the energy required to make breast milk.

But do you need to lose weight?

One way to assess whether you need to lose any weight is to use the Body Mass Index. It is one tool to assign whether you are in the range of overweight or obese. This calculator is also on the same page of the BMR calculator on the Healthy Mummy Site.

For the same woman’s measurements she is deemed in the ‘normal’ weight range for her height. But if she wasn’t, if she weighed 80kg she would be deemed ‘overweight’ and to enter the ‘normal’ weight range she would need to lose around 4 kilograms.

There are medical repercussions from being overweight or obese but when you are a new mum the additional weight you put on while you are pregnant is something that you will lose over time and gradually.

These tools on our site are there to give you an indication of where you currently stand and are not to make you feel stressed about losing weight quickly or straight away. It is a process and the slower the process the better and more long lasting.

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