7 Ways To Ditch Sugar From Your Tea Or Coffee

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet, a great place to start is with your tea and coffee. That extra teaspoon of sweetener we have daily in our hot drinks can really add up, here are seven ideas to help you kick the habit.

easy ways to reduce sugar in your tea or coffee

If you enjoy two cups of tea and one coffee each day, all with a teaspoon of sugar added, you’re adding a hefty 21 teaspoons of the sweet stuff to your diet.

When taking part in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge we recommend limiting your sugar intake as much as possible. As such we suggest sticking to natural sugars such as those found in fruit, vegetables, dairy, honey and natural sweeteners.

Cutting back how much sugar you add to your drink can take time and what works for someone else might not cut it for you. But take small steps and soon you’ll be enjoying your coffee or tea sugar free.

7 Ways To Ditch Sugar From Your Tea Or Coffee

1. Measure Out Your Weekly Intake

Think about how many teaspoons of sugar you are adding to your hot drinks each day and then multiply that by seven days. If you have two cups and add a teaspoon each time that’s 14 teaspoons of sugar a week.

Measure out 14 teaspoons and put it in a bowl. Consider that you are purposely adding this to your diet. Often this visual reminder is enough to rev up your motivation and help you reduce your sugar intake.

2. Try To Gradually Reduce It

Rather than going cold turkey which some people find extremely difficult, try to halve your intake for a week before halving it again.

If you currently add two teaspoons of sugar to your morning coffee, try having one in your coffee for the first week. The week after reduce this to half a teaspoon.

By gradually reducing the sweetness your body has time to adjust to the new taste.

3. You Could Try Sweet Alternatives

Why not try adding some honey to your tea instead of sugar?  You could also try adding cinnamon or cocoa/cacao to your coffee.

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Maybe try a sweetener such as Stevia which you only need a small amount of. You could also try adding sliced lemon or orange to black tea as a sweet alternative to sugar.

4. Consider Reducing Your Caffeine Intake

Another idea to help those who drink three or more cups a day is to reduce the number of hot caffeinated drinks consumed.

For example if you have a coffee first thing, one in the morning and then a tea in the afternoon, try cutting out the tea. Doing this will reduce the sugar intake by one-third each day.

5. Start Drinking Herbal Tea

Most people don’t feel the need to sweeten herbal teas, so why not try switching out some of your regular tea or coffee for a herbal tea instead.

Often just the process of brewing tea and sitting down to drink it is where people get their enjoyment, whether it’s herbal or caffeinated tea.

7 Ways To Ditch Sugar From Your Tea Or Coffee

6. Try Using Different Milk

Switching out your cow’s milk for almond milk, soy milk or even rice milk could add the depth of flavour that you might feel you’re missing out on.

7. Change Brands

Often switching to a different brand can be a good way to break the sugar habit. For example, if you can find a coffee that tastes smoother or less bitter than your current fave, it might make it easier to reduce the amount of sugar you add to it.

You might change from a regular black tea to something like Earl Grey which has a different flavour.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about other sugar alternatives including rice malt syrup, honey and maple syrup here.

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