Eating this before bed can help you lose weight, claim scientists

Feeling hungry before bedtime but worried about weight gain? Well, there’s one midnight snack you can have without feeling guilty, claim scientists.

According to a new report eating cottage cheese may help you maintain your overall health.

Researchers at Florida State University conducted a study on how consuming whole food proteins such as cottage cheese before bed can affect metabolism.


Eating cottage cheese before bed can help you lose weight, claim experts

Active young women in their early 30s were given cottage cheese 30 to 60 minutes before bed and their metabolic rate was measured.

Experts found that there was a more positive effect on the overall health as well as muscle quality and metabolism on those who ate 30 grams of the cheese 30 minutes before bed.

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“Until now, we presumed that whole foods would act similarly to the data on supplemental protein, but we had no real evidence,” says study co-author Michael Ormsbee.

“This is important because it adds to the body of literature that indicates that whole foods work just as well as protein supplementation, and it gives people options for pre-sleep nutrition.”

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The authors are now hoping to continue looking into how pre-sleep food choices can help improve metabolism and overall health.

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