A survival guide for the new dad in your life

During and after birth the focus is usually on mum and her baby with dad cheering on from the sidelines. But once a new baby is home it’s important dads are included so they don’t feel like they are an outsider looking in.

baby looking at dad

Sure the wellbeing and recovery of mum and baby is a priority, but having a new baby in the house affects the lives of both parents. It can cause huge life adjustments, tolerance and team work is needed and patience is paramount.

So for the man in your life who may be feeling forgotten about, overwhelmed and useless, here are our top survival tips for those first few months!

1. Be hands-on

Throughout pregnancy some fathers feel disconnected, so once baby is born it can take time for them to form a bond. But try being hands-on from the very beginning. Help support breastfeeding, change nappies, bath baby, prepare bottles and comfort baby.

This will help build a relationship with your new baby AND definitely earn you brownie points with your tired and emotional wife.

2. Do not babysit

When mum leaves the house without baby, don’t refer to your duties as ‘babysitting’. You are equally as responsible for the upbringing of this child. Plus, give yourself some credit, you are not a babysitter you’re a fabulous and devoted dad!

3. Be patient

I’ve heard men say to other men ‘you will never have sex again’. But here’s the thing dads, with a new baby comes a new body; one we don’t actually recognise. So many changes occur when a baby is born and it really does fill our heads.

Sex will come again, for some earlier than others, but be patient and understand that we still love you. We just have someone else requiring our undivided attention at the moment!

4. Lower your expectations

The house may not be clean, dinner delayed and your partner might have hairy legs and underarms but get over it. Priorities change and while yours may still be the same, remember that your baby isn’t aware of anything surrounding them but mum.

Tell her she looks beautiful, she’s the mother of your child after all. Then order take away and do some chores; believe me she’ll love it.

A Survival Guide For The New Dad In Your Life

5. Tag team

When your lifting weights, you’ve got a rep of 12 and as you reach rep 8, fatigue sets in but you know you’ve only 4 to go. Knowing there is a 30-second rest coming up, gets you through.

Consider your wife’s day to be the same. She is counting down to the moment you get home so she can tap out for her 30-second rest.  Read these 5 reasons why BOTH parents should do the night shift.

Try to come home anticipating the need to tap in and take baby happily and then suggest your wife have a shower or a cup of tea. For added brownie points, try to be excited about it and this will eliminate any possibility of her feeling guilty.

6. Support and don’t criticise

In these new days for mum there really are so many unknowns. Emotions running rampant within our bodies wreak havoc and often we have unrecognisable feelings.

The most important thing for dads to do throughout this is to support her. Don’t suggest she is irrational or unreasonable because chances are she already feels it.

If you are concerned about post-natal depression, here are some signs.

7. Keep your cool

When your wife has been home with a screaming baby all day, she is at breaking point. What she doesn’t need is for you to walk in instantly frustrated, try arrive as relaxed as possible and this could improve the mood of a stressed household.

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