MUST WATCH: This Experiment Will Make You RETHINK Drinking This Fizzy Drink

Many of us are aware that soft-drinks are not great for us (especially when consumed daily). They are generally full of preservatives, sugar and more SUGAR!

A science experiment however, has reminded us just how much sugar is in Australia’s favourite (not to mention a world fave) soft drink!

This Experiment Will Make You RETHINK Drinking Coca-Cola
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An experiment, was shared on YouTube by Home Science, which compares the sugar content in Coca Cola to Coke Zero.

The Sugar Experiment

coke sugar test
Source: YouTube via Home Science

A 375ml bottle of Coca Cola was poured into a frying and placed over heat. As was a 375ml bottle of Coke Zero.

Once each pan reached boiling point, the video showed the water begin to evaporate. As the water evaporates, our jaws are left DROPPED!

coke in fry pan
Source: YouTube via Home Science

All that remains in the frying pan (once full) of Coca Cola, is a thick, black, goo-looking substance. And yep, you guessed it! That goo is none other than SUGAR!

Source: YouTube via Home Science

In the other pan, which was once full of Coke Zero, remains a small amount of burnt sugar.

coke and coke zero
Source: YouTube via Home Science

According to Coca-Cola UK as a general rule, there’s 10.6g of sugar per 100ml of Coca-Cola Classic. In a 330ml can of Coca-cola there is approx. 35g of sugar.

That is the equivalent of 7 teaspoons of sugar.

Coca-Cola UK have outlined how they are trying to reduce the sugar in drinks.

You can watch the full video below: 

Reducing Our Sugar Intake

World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines suggest parents (and their children) limit their daily intake of free sugars to less than 10 per cent of their total energy intake.

In a 2015 press release, WHO suggested that a further reduction to below 5 per cent or roughly 25 grams (6 teaspoons) per day would provide additional health benefits.

The Effects Of Sugar

According to The Australian Government Department of Health, the effects of consumption of high sugar drinks include:

  • High consumption of high sugar drinks can lead to weight gain, being overweight can contribute to heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.
  • High sugar drink consumption is associated with tooth decay in all age groups and related impacts on long-term health.
  • Soft drinks and other highly sweetened drinks such as cordial and fruit drinks generally provide a high number of kilojoules but few nutrients.
  • Soft drinks are known to contain on average approximately 9 teaspoons of sugar for each regular (375ml) can consumed.

Please note: These points (and additional information) can be seen via The Australian Government Department of Health website HERE. 

detox from sugar
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While this experiment does in fact highlight that there is significantly less sugar in Coke Zero, we are not suggesting our community turn to diet-soft drinks. Rather, we are striving to educate our community about just how much sugar is in some of the country’s fave soft-drinks!

Furthermore, while diet-soft drinks contain significantly less sugars (and often less calories), The Australian Government Department of Health says they are often acidic which in turn can damage tooth enamel.

Be sure to check out our article on how Diet Soft Drinks Could Actually Be Making You GAIN Weight.

The Healthy Mummy Way

Buying bottle of water
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Here at The Healthy Mummy H.Q we are all for having a ‘indulgent treat’ every once and a while; however we recommend always opting for water as your first thirst-quenching protocol.

To make your glass of water more exciting, why not try adding a slice of lemon? Or even lime?

Again, make sure you check out these helpful articles: 5 Ways To Increase Your Water Intake8 Ways To Know If You Are Drinking Enough Water and Why Drinking Water With Lemon Can Help Weight Loss

Also, if you are looking to combat your unhealthy-eating ways and or looking for an awesome squad to help you along our weight loss journey – be sure to check out our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

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