EXPERT TIPS: How To Reduce Fussy Eating BEFORE Solids Are Introduced!

Dealing with a fussy eater can be stressful, no matter what age your child is! Whether your baby is pushing their bottle away or your toddler won’t eat everything on their plate, meal time can be a tricky time for mums of picky eaters.

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So How Do We Stop These Fussy Eating Behaviours?

Nutritionist Nikki Boswell tells The Healthy Mummy that there are ways to prevent kids from becoming ‘fussy eaters’ at a very young age. But it is important for parents to remember that all children are different.

“Strategies that work for one child may not work for another,” she says. “Some children are far more resistant than others, but please don’t give up.”

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However, there are some things mums can be doing to help reduce fussy eating BEFORE their babies are even born and/or eating solids.

Top Tips To Reduce Fussy Eating Before Solids:

1. Have A Varied Diet During Pregnancy And When You’re Breastfeeding

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“Aim for a pregnancy and breastfeeding diet that is highly varied and comprises a wide variety of foods and flavours,” says Nikki.

“Flavours from food can actually carry through amniotic fluid and breast milk, making it more likely that your child will accept these flavours when they are older (although don’t expect miracles – fear of new foods is a natural, protective response).”

2. Fill Your House With Different Aromas

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“Expose your baby to food aromas – filling the house with the wonderful smell of herbs, spices, baking and broth is another great way to increase exposure to a range of foods and flavours before they have even begun to eat,” says Nikki.

3. Let Your Baby Watch You Eat

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Nikki says: “Allow your baby to see his or her parents and siblings enjoy a variety of different foods and food situations.”

4. Create A Positive Family Food Environment

“A relaxed, social, calm and aesthetically pleasing environment is ideal,” says Nikki. “One without distractions from TV or other devices and gadgets.”

5. Get Your Baby Involved In Dinner Time Before They Are Eating Solids

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“Encourage your baby to be involved with the family food environment,” says Nikki. “Seat them at, or near the table. Let them watch food preparation, encourage play with utensils such as plastic cups, spoons and bowls.”

Remember: Set A Good Example

“By doing all of this you are creating role model behaviour you want them to adopt,” says Nikki. “You can’t expect your child to immediately want to snack on fruit if you are snacking on chips.”

Wow! We didn’t realise we could do all of these things to help prepare our little ones for eating before they’re onto solids. Thanks so much for this, Nikki!

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