7 facts about vaginal discharge you know you want to know

It’s probably not a topic you’ve spoken about around the dinner table, but ladies, we need to talk about vaginal discharge!

We at Healthy Mummy HQ believe it’s so important to know all about your body. And while everyone is different, there are some things that everyone with a vagina should know.

Read up on our vaginal discharge facts here!

7 facts about vaginal discharge you know you want to know

7 facts about vaginal discharge you know you want to know

1. It’s totally normal

Vaginal discharge is not a weird, gross thing. This thick fluid you’re seeing is the natural way your body keeps your vagina healthy as it helps to clean and flush out any possible bacteria.

2. There are many different types

Most of the time, it is a white or transparent colour and doesn’t smell, though the colour, frequency and thickness varies from woman to woman. If you are worried about your vaginal discharge (whether it’s colour, small, consistency) chat to your doctor and read up on our blog: Vaginal Discharge – What’s Normal And What’s Not.

3. It has a special purpose

Vaginal discharge is the vagina’s secret weapon! It keeps the vagina moist (sorry, gross word), because if it’s too dry, you’re more susceptible to infections.

4. Everyone produces a different amount

The average amount of discharge is roughly a teaspoon per day but it can differ if you’re sick, stressed or if you’re at a certain stage of your menstrual cycle.

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5. It changes when you’re on your period

When you’re halfway through your period and even after you finish, you’ll experience brown or reddish brown discharge. Towards the end, you’ll notice that your vaginal discharge is typically white and thick. If it ever smells bad or appears green, yellow or some other colour, it may mean you have an STI or other infection, so consult your doctor if you’re concerned.

6. Do not douche!

Our vaginas contain lots of healthy bacteria and when you douche with perfumed sprays and wipes, you kill the yeast and bacteria that keeps the vagina healthy. Clean with gentle soap and water, apart from that, your body can look after itself!

7. There’s more when you’re pregnant

Don’t panic, there’s nothing wrong! This happens because your body is producing more oestrogen and more blood is flowing to the area around your vagina.

The discharge is made up of secretions from the cervix and vagina, old cells, and normal vaginal bacteria. Healthy vaginal discharge is usually clear to milky white and shouldn’t have a strong smell.

As you get closer towards labour, you’ll probably notice more vaginal discharge as you approach labor. If it’s green, smells bad, causes pain, or seems unusual in any other way, it could indicate an  infection or another issue, so call your doctor or midwife right away if that’s the case.

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