Five words that mean something completely different when you become a mum

Many mums will agree that having kids is a life-changing experience. However some things become VERY different once you become a parent, including certain words and phrases.

Check out five of them below!

 Five Words That Mean Something Completely Different When You Become A Mum
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1. Crowning

Before kids: The royal act of placing a crown on someone’s head.

After kids: When the baby’s head emerges from your nether regions.

2. Bloody show

Before kids: A gory TV show such as Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.

After kids: What occurs near the end of your pregnancy and is a sign that your mucus plug has loosened. As your due date creeps closers, your cervix opens, and the mucus is released. Bring on baby! 

 Five Words That Change Their Meaning Once You Become A Mum
Source: Istock.

3. Ring of fire

Before kids: The popular 1963 song by Johnny Cash.

After kids: The burning sensation when your perineal tissue stretches around the baby’s head. Not exactly the most pleasant experience!

4. Rooting

Before kids: Sexy times that can be a lot of fun.

After kids: A normal newborn reflex when your baby seeks out your nipple to start feeding.

Sleeping 5 day old baby boy. Used natural light from a north facing window and the camera was set at f/6.3, 1/60sec, iso400.
Source: Istock.

5. All nighter

Before kids: Staying up all night and forgoing sleep to finish an assignment/TV series marathon or partying until sunrise

After kids: Staying up all night and forgoing sleep to rock, burp, feed and comfort your little one.

Well, there you have it! Five words that mean something completely different when you become a mum! Sure, every woman’s birthing experience is totally different. But these words post-baby sure take on a whole new meaning once you have entered the realm of birth, babies and beyond!

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