4 AWESOME Reasons To Get Up Early

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So you’ve survived the newborn stage, your little one is mostly sleeping through the night (if you’re lucky!). Your family is in a routine most of the time and things are starting to flow.

However, every minute of the day is accounted for because after all we still need to adult and parent. The only time that ‘may’ be available to allocate some ‘me’ time is early in the morning.

4 AWESOME Reasons To Get Up Early

If you need some motivation to get up and out in the morning, here are our:

4 AWESOME Reasons To Get Up Early

1. An uninterrupted chat with your partner.

Let’s face it – if we try and communicate while the kids are awake it may take three hours to get one sentence out. Waking up early before the kids are awake means you can have a full conversation in peace, share how your days have been and even rekindle a little romance. Did you know that sexy time could even be considered exercise?? #winning

2.You get to eat breakfast in one sitting.

You could even have the luxury of eating breakfast leisurely, instead of scoffing it down in 60 seconds between packing lunches and running out the door to work. And if you are REALLY lucky – you may even be able to have that cup of coffee – while it’s still hot! #mindblown
Homemade Bircher Muesli

3. Exercise

Getting up before the kids and hitting that bike/walking trail near your home before everyone is up is a refreshing way to start the day. You could even consider it as alone time.

It’s much easier to get up and go when everyone is asleep rather than taking 3 hours to get out the door because the kids move like sloths in the morning. And it’s a really great way to set yourself up for the day in a positive way.

If you’re time poor or can’t get out of the house, then try this super quick HIIT workout you can do just about anywhere.

4. Read a book.

It’s the little things mum. During the day you’ll be lucky if you can get through the writing on the back of a cereal box without someone yelling “MUMMMMM!” So get up early to read one chapter of your book every morning. It may take you twelve months to finish a book but hey – baby steps, and that time is still ALL YOURS.

We would love to hear what motivates you to get up early in the morning. Join our Community and share your tips with us.

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