Goodbye Tim Tams – dunk these in your cuppa instead

We love having a treat when we have a cuppa for morning or afternoon tea.

But be mindful when you reach for the biscuit tin – as so many treats have a lot of added sugar in them, which in turn can lead to issues with weight, blood pressure, diabetes and depression.

choc cookies

In fact, a standard Tim Tam contains 8.3g of sugar per biscuit – that’s around 2 teaspoons.

We’ve rounded up some of our healthy sweet treats that you can dunk in your cup of tea instead!

tim tam

10 healthy biscuits to snack on…

1. 2 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Wafer Biscuits

2 ingredient healthy wafer biscuit

These 2 ingredient healthy chocolate wafer biscuits will satisfy your chocolate cravings and are so easy to make!

See recipe here.

2. Lemon and Date Oat Biscuits

Lemon And Date Oat Biscuits

These lemon and date oat biscuits don’t contain any refined sugar.

See recipe here.

3. Healthier ANZAC Biscuits

ANZAC Biscuits

Here is a reduced sugar and healthier ANZAC biscuit option to try today with the family which you will not feel guilty eating on a weight loss diet.

See full recipe here.

4. Healthy Chocolate And Peanut Butter Cookies

Healthy Chocolate And Peanut Butter Cookies

If you are looking for a decadent but healthy snack and are a lover of all things chocolate and peanut butter – then these Healthy Chocolate And Peanut Butter Cookies are going to blow your mind!

See recipe here.

5. Nut Free Chia Oat Cookies

Nut Free Chia Oat Cookies

Here’s a delicious cookie that is perfect for morning tea or to pop in the lunch box for school. This recipe doesn’t contain any nuts so is ideal for families with allergies.

The sweetness of the dates means you don’t need to add any white sugar. You can have these cookies done and cooling on the rack in under 20 minutes.

See recipe here.

6. Choc Caramel Volcano Cookies

Choc Caramel Volcano Cookies

This recipe for choc caramel volcano cookies is AMAZING and you will be very happy to know that it’s no where near as many calories as it looks.

See full recipe.

7. Peanut Butter and Jam Hearts

Peanut Butter Hearts

These versatile biscuits can be used as a sweet treat with peanut butter and our Chia Berry Jam but you could also make them savoury by using toppings such as ham and grated cheese.

See recipe here.

8. HEALTHY Chocolate And Coconut Slice

Chocolate Coconut Slice

Chocolate and coconut go hand in hand perfectly and this slice takes it to another level! It’s rich creamy and gives you a massive chocolate hit.

See recipe here.

9. 5 Ingredient Chewy Banana Choc Chip Cookies

Chewy Banana Choc Chip Cookies

These Chewy Banana Choc Chip Cookies are so good (especially when eaten fresh out of the oven) – and you only need 5 ingredients.

See full recipe.

10. Healthy Double Chocolate Cookies

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 8.13.54 AM

If you are a fan of traditional chocolate cookies, then you will love these Double Chocolate Cannellini Cookies! They are only 105 calories each and are a healthy version of the normal store bought cookies that you find in the store – but taste really great.

See full recipe.

Warm Up With This Hot Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Hot Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Meanwhile, warm yourself up with our Warm Chocolate Smoothie Bowl!

See recipe here.

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