Having MORE kids later in life might help you live longer, study finds

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Having MORE kids later in life might help you live longer, study finds

Want to live longer? Then have MORE kids later in life. Yep, that’s right!

While you may feel like you’ve aged 20 years after you’ve had kids, it may actually have the opposite effect.

However, a study by Canada’s Simon Fraser University suggests motherhood might actually be as close as we get to the fountain of youth!

Older women with more kids tended to age slower

Researchers found that the more children a woman has, the longer her telomeres, a.k.a. the protective ends on your DNA that are linked to ageing. Longer telomeres are associated with longevity!

The study looked at 75 women living in rural Guatemala with an average age of 39.4. They measured their telomere length once and then again 13 years later.

“The slower pace of telomere shortening found in the study participants who have more children however, may be attributed to the dramatic increase in oestrogen, a hormone produced during pregnancy,” says professor Pablo Nepomnaschy.

Younger women with more kids tended to age quicker

Meanwhile, experts looked at the telomere length of 821 women in their early twenties in the Philippines but found the telomeres looked older for mums who’d had more babies.

So how could this be? Scientists suggest that the women in Guatemala might have found that having more kids kept them young, as they were older. Whereas, for the women in the Philippines, it aged them, as they were younger.

“Reproduction involves the investment of energetic resources and increased health risks which may lead to lower investment in somatic effort,” state experts from the Guatemala study.

“In humans and other cooperative-breading species, however, pregnancy and offspring rearing may attract higher social support resulting in a net energetic gain, which in turn may slow down the ageing process.”

It looks like more research needs to be done on the link between motherhood and ageing.

Science says the more kids you have, the better you sleep

Meanwhile, researchers reckon that the MORE kids a woman has the better she sleeps! Say, what?!

The study by AmeriSleep found that the number of hours a woman sleeps at night INCREASES with each child she has. 

Researchers find the MORE children women have, the BETTER they SLEEP! Wait, what?!

The report found that a mum with one child sleeps roughly for 9 hours a night. This decreases to 8.9 hours of shut-eye with two children, 8.8 hours of sleep with three kids.

BUT when they have four or five kids, they gain sleep at 8.9 and then 9 hours, respectively.

Why is this?

Researchers say the MORE kids women have, the BETTER they SLEEP! Wait, what?!

Experts say women with lots of kids may be more exhausted and therefore she falls asleep quicker at night. These women may also nap more during the day. Now this makes sense!

When it comes to dads, they sleep worse with the more kids they have.

Dads of one get around 8.8 hours of sleep per night, they received around 8.6 hours of sleep with two or three kids and the amount of time they have asleep drops down to 8.4 hours a night with four or five kids.

Interesting stuff!

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