6 Healthy Snacks To Pack In the Car For A Road Trip

What is it about a road trip that makes us want to throw healthy eating out the car window? All of a sudden we have the urge to eat chips and lollies before stopping off for a burger, fries and soft drink.

Breakfast BLAT
Perhaps it’s the years of conditioning (if you’ve always done it, your brain is programmed to think it is normal). Or it could be the fact that fast food is often the major option as you cruise along the highway.

A great way to overcome the desire for junk in the car is to think about how you will feel after eating it all. A bit queasy usually, or uncomfortably full, tired and bloated.

Then compare this to how you would feel after a salad or a healthy sandwich – most likely you’d be satisfied and comfortable. Remembering this can help you to say no to the junk and say yes to the good stuff.

We love the idea of packing the family a tasty picnic to take with you. This way you don’t need to try and resist the golden arches as you will know you have a healthy meal ready to go.

This is a great life lesson for your children to learn too. If they see the adults in their life packing healthy snacks and meals for the car, it will become second nature for them to do the same as they grow up.

6 Healthy Foods To Pack For A Road Trip

1. Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the perfect food to take with you and you can tailor to your family’s tastes. Try making a classic BLAT which is just cooked bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato on a sandwich. Or fill a wrap or pita bread with leftover cooked chicken and salad.

2. Muffins

Wholemeal Choc Chip MuffinsA homemade muffin will always be a hit with adults and kids alike. Make mini muffins if your kids prefer the smaller size. These Choc Chip Muffins are popular for good reason.

3. Crisp Snacks

Fruit and veg tend to travel well – think crispy apples, nuts, brown rice crackers, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks or carrots.

4. Rice Paper Rolls

vietnamese rice paper rollsYou could also try these Rice Paper Rolls too for something different. Fill with whatever veg you have to hand, and add some cooked chicken if you have some

5. Frittata

Mini Frittatas another good option – just use this recipe and cook them in muffin trays. You will need to pop them in a container with an ice block to keep them cool.

6. Bliss Balls

Healthy FoodThese are a fun treat to pack for the car and they travel well. These No Bake Chocolate Cake Bites are one of our favourites.

If you do find yourself stuck without snacks and only a petrol station or convenience store to buy from, the good news is they often now have healthier choices too.

Steer clear of the pies and sausage rolls and go for a sandwich, wrap, salad, yoghurt, a small bag of nuts, fruit, a carton of milk, a coffee, or some sparkling water.

If you’ve got a road trip planned and are taking the kids, here are some great tips to keep them entertained in the car.