The Highest And Lowest Calorie Mince Pies On The Market

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like a delicious mince pie. It can be a bit tricky however to work out what the highest and lowest calorie mince pies are when you’re bombarded with options.

If you’re doing the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challengeyou might want to try making your own, healthier version.  Nothing beats home made!

Highest And Lowest Calorie Mince Pies

But there are times when you may need to purchase pre-made treats. Knowing what the best options are is one of the keys to healthy, sustainable weight loss.

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Best to Worst Mince Pies On The Market (Lowest to Highest Calories)

We’ve ranked mince pies from all the major supermarket and bakery stores from lowest to highest calories to help you make the healthiest choice this festive season.

1. Coles Bundaberg Fruit Mince Pies – 255 calories

Per 62g serving – 942kJ (225Cal), 7.1g fat, 20.3g sugar, 128mg sodium

2. Woolworths Festive Fruit Mince Pies – 229 calories

Per 60g serving – 958kJ (229Cal), 6g fat, 25g sugar, 132mg sodium

3. Brumby’s Fruit Mince Pies – 258 calories

Per 65g serving – 1080kJ (258Cal), 8.5g fat, 23.5g sugar, 182mg sodium

4. Coles Finest Fruit Mince Pies – 259 calories

Per 69g serving – 1083kJ (259Cal), 8.6g fat, 23.7g sugar, 169mg sodium

4. Mr Kipling Fruit Mince Pies – 259 calories

Per 67g serving – 1083Kj (259Cal), 9.8g fat, 24.3g sugar, 80mg sodium

mince pie and coffee

5. Aldi The Cake Stall Fruit Mince Pies – 261 calories

Per 68g serving – 1092kJ (261Cal), 10g fat, 25g sugar, 56mg sodium

6. Balfours Premium Fruit Mince Tarts – 267 calories

Per 67g serving – 1117kJ (267Cal), 10g fat, 26g sugar, 155mg sodium

7. IGA Signature Fruit Mince Pies – 282 calories

Per 69g serving – 1180kJ (282Cal), 10.5g fat, 23.1g sugar, 155mg sodium

8. Baker’s Delight Fruit Mince Tart – 289 calories

Per 69g serving – 1210kJ (289Cal), 10.2g fat, 30.6g sugar, 175mg sodium

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