Hilarious Dad Gives Tips On How To Go Grocery Shopping With A Baby

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We’ve all had to drag our toddlers and babies to the dreaded supermarket, often kicking and screaming. But the hilarious How To Dad from New Zealand has given us some of his BEST tips how to survive the grocery store with a baby.

How To Dad is an internet sensation across the globe and his Facebook page has more than a million followers. Why? Because it’s just so freaking funny and honest.

He always dresses in shorts and T-shirt and there’s no polished videos. Earlier this month he visited Australia and recorded his family’s adventures.

In a recent video he showed viewers how to teach kids to use a potty, you won’t believe what he does. But don’t just take our word for it, check it out here for yourselves.

How To Go Grocery Shopping With A Baby

The Fast Dad

Running through the store like a mad man, repeating “what do we need?” while grabbing literally nothing.

The Trolley Dad

Attempting to trap his child in the trolley so she doesn’t run away, while she runs away.

That Car Dad

Using the trolley like a dodgem car, making wheelie noises.

The She’ll Be Right Dad

The most common dad. He just goes about his shopping while the baby runs around, while he occasionally mutters, “she’ll be right.”

The Lazy Dad

Even though I’m a mum, this is me. He makes the baby carry the shopping basket while walking in front, calling behind to ‘hurry up.’

The Panic Dad

Calling out over the PA system, he thinks he’s lost his little darling. All while she’s giggling behind him.

Hilarious Dad’s Tips On How To Go Grocery Shopping With A Baby

The Chasing Dad

I’ve seen this a few times, and be there myself actually. This dad spends his shopping experience chasing, instead of purchasing.

That Forgot The Shopping List Dad

Let’s be honest, this is every Dad.

The Embarrassed Dad

As she cheekily runs way with condoms, he sheepishly say ‘I don’t need condoms.’

The Tired Dad

First, he scans his items and places them aside, then he scans his baby. I have tried to scan my coffee while tired, it’s not that far-fetched.

The Clean Up On Aisle Three Dad

Aka: Every time someone with three or more kids goes shopping. And yes, I just leave.

How To Go Christmas Shopping With A Baby

This hilarious kiwi has a YouTube channel full of absolutely comical material on how to’s with your baby. From how to fly with a baby to how to teach a baby to climb a fence.

He’s even included a how to go Christmas shopping with a baby.

Meanwhile, have you read this post about ridiculous things kids have asked Santa for?

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