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How to incorporate protein into your diet

Not many of us are effective at upping our protein levels. In fact, those in the know are often most likely body builders!

But you don’t have to be entering competitions to be consciously monitoring your protein intake. There are lots of easy ways to add it into your diet.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of these tips!

Ten High Protein Snacks During Pregnancy

  1. Learn which foods contain protein

Meat isn’t the only source of protein! Eggs, dairy, peanut butter, tofu, lentils, beans and nuts contain a vast amount.

  1. Don’t over do it

You don’t want to go overboard! On the flip side, eating too much protein can cause stress on the liver and kidneys, as they have to work harder to break it down in the body.

Try eating small amounts at every meal and making sure you exercise regularly to help build your muscle.

  1. Eat protein first

It’s important you have a BALANCED diet, which consists of carbs, fats, salad, vegetables, fruit as well as protein. However, it may be worth eating the protein first on your plate before the carbs as it can help decrease the levels of the hunger hormone gherlin and increase your metabolism.

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