I’m pregnant! When do I tell everyone?

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Having a healthy pregnancy includes all areas of your life – eating well, exercising regularly and doing what’s right for you to feel great emotionally too.

When you first find out you’re pregnant it is often a very exciting moment and you want to tell everyone your great news but announcing your pregnancy is a very personal thing and you need to do what’s right for you.

I'm Pregnant When Do I Tell Everyone

When is the best time?

Is there an ideal time to announce your pregnancy? There is a general trend to wait until the 13 week mark after the typical ultrasound that occurs at this time to rule out Down’s syndrome. Most people know they are pregnant well before this date and struggle to keep it a secret. Why do women wait until this mark?

Generally it is because the risk of miscarriage is higher before 12 weeks so women feel that they are past the ‘danger’ period after this time and can safely announce. Unfortunately pregnancy poses many risks throughout the whole pregnancy. Women can have a bleed at anytime known as an ‘Antepartum Haemorrhage”. Stillbirth is also more common than people realise.

Some women like to wait until all testing is completed such as the 20-week scans, amniocentesis, genetic testing.

What about social media?

These days with social media you see people trying to out do each other with cute, different pregnancy announcements. We have all seen the lovely pictures of siblings holding an ultrasound picture or the clever videos of announcement to birth. But what ever you decide to do remember it’s your choice.

It’s not your mother in law’s or your sister’s choice to plaster your good news all over Facebook. If you decide to tell your closest family members first then maybe ask them to not announce anything on their social media accounts until you have.

Signs already showing?

If you are having your second, third baby etc, then you will realise that your abdominal muscles are not the same tight ones you had first time around. Your little baby belly begins to show earlier giving people the excuse to wonder if you’re pregnant. Remember you always feel bigger than you are and someone will always say ‘I knew you were pregnant’. Christmas parties are always a hard one also because as soon as you say no to an alcoholic beverage people always assume you are pregnant!

positive pregnancy test - what's next

Announcing early

There is merit in telling people early. If something was to happen where the pregnancy ended you will have support. You may even find other people around you have been in a similar situation of miscarriage as no one freely talks about it. If people know they can empathise when you are running to the bathroom frequently, aren’t on your usual ‘A’ game or are so tired you are falling asleep at your desk before morning tea.

Pregnancy complications can force some women to have to discuss the pregnancy early. Such as those going through IVF as they need to leave work for specific implantation dates etc. Others have medical illnesses associated with pregnancy that make them so unwell they require hospitalisation. Threatened premature birth is also another issue that can cause women to have to leave work early.

Work announcements

With some jobs it is important that bosses know that you’re pregnant as soon as you find out, such as those where you could potentially be exposed to radioactive waves and chemicals or physical aspects that impair you to fulfil your usual role.

Tell your boss face to face and have an idea about your maternity leave requirements, when you’ll be starting leave, for how long etc.

It is discrimination if a woman is terminated due to pregnancy so don’t feel scared about telling your employer.

During your pregnancy you will realise your life is now about to become a world of making decisions that not only affect you but also the little person growing inside you. The decision to make an announcement of pregnancy should remain yours.

The other impacting factor in decision-making is that of your partner. Don’t forget to include them. Or if you haven’t already, don’t forget to tell them!!

However you decide to announce your pregnancy until you tell someone it is your secret to keep. Congratulations what a journey you are about to begin!

Ali Pickles, Midwife

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