Infant’s Tragic Death From Phone Charger Prompts Safety Warning

It could happen to any mum, you fall asleep for a moment while your daughter happily plays with your mobile phone in her cot before nap time.

But one mother’s world was shattered when she woke to find her daughter wasn’t breathing. She had burn marks on her arm and was lying lifeless next to an exposed mobile phone charger wire.

This tragic story, and the confronting photo that accompanies, acts as a grim reminder about how dangerous common household items really are and how your world can be shattered in only a few minutes.

*Warning. Distressing content*

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Infant Death Proves Mobile Phone Chargers Can Be Deadly

Last week a mother from Kazakhstan woke up from a quick sleep to find the house quiet. She had left her daughter playing with her mobile phone while it charged on the docket.

When the mother went in to check on her little girl, she noticed she wasn’t breathing and had no pulse.

She immediately wrapped her into a blanket and rushed her to the hospital, praying that she could be saved.

Unfortunately it was too late and the little girl was already gone.

Doctors Suspect Girl Chewed On Cord

Doctors confirmed that the infant died from electrocution, with visible burn marks on her hand and arm.

It is suspected that the little girl started to chew on the cord, which was attached to the wall, leading to her being electrocuted.

It is a distressing story to say the least and one that not only devastated a family but comes with a cautionary tale for all parents about how dangerous mobile phones can be.

electrocution mobile phone
Image via The Mirror

Nurse’s Grim Warning To Parents

One of the nurses who attended at the baby’s side posted a photo on social media with one simple statement:

“Do not leave your babies unattended with chargers.”

In the wake of this tragedy, the nurse urges parents to choose safe toys for their children.

While mobile phones may provide a distraction, “the best thing for your baby’s growing brain is a toy or physical object.”

Is Your House Childproof?

Parents are also reminded to take their own precautions around the house and triple check that their homes are childproof.

This not only means keeping all charging devices out of the reach of children, but checking all other potentially fatal safety hazards around the home.

Consider where you store your cleaning products and batteries. Also check how long your curtain and kettle chords are. You really can never be too careful.

Infant’s Tragic Death From Phone Charger Prompts Safety Warning

Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time.


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