Want to conceive a specific sex? Then this decades-old method may be able to help

Can you really influence whether or not you conceive a little baby boy or girl?

Have a brood of boys? Hoping for a little girl to join the clan? There are many (many) old wives tales, tips and tricks out there supposedly helping partners to conceive a certain gender. But do they really work?

While we can’t say for sure, the one method of baby-gender-influencing that has had us most intrigued is The Shettles Method. The Shettles Method has been around for decades, with some even claiming it’s proved to be 85 per cent accurate!

Hmmm…. let’s dig a little deeper.

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What is the Shettles Method?

In the 1960s, a scientist called Dr. Landrum Shettles released a child conception idea that was reputed to help determine a baby’s sex.

Dr. Shettles found that men produce two types of sperm – X being female and Y being male. Through his studies, Dr. Shettles found that male sperm is smaller and faster than female sperm, so he believed that swaying gender is a method of timing.


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He found that the closer to ovulation you have intercourse, the chances of you having a boy is much higher. This is because he claims the male sperm is faster than a female sperm and is likely to reach the egg first.


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Apparently, sexual position is also important in determining a baby’s gender. Dr. Shettles says that shallow penetration could leave the sperm deposited close to the entrance of the vagina, and because the vagina is more acidic, it inhibits weaker Y or male sperm.

To allow the male sperm to reach the egg first, deeper penetration is proposed and at an area that is least acidic, i.e. near the uterus opening.


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The method also proposes that in order to conceive a boy, the woman should try to achieve an orgasm before or at the same time as her partner, as the orgasm will help draw the sperm up quicker, helping give the boys a head start.

For couples who want a girl, it is recommended that women avoid having an orgasm.

So there you have it! According to The Shettles Method – this is how you can help influence your baby’s gender. Interesting.

Meanwhile, sometime ago The Healthy Mummy pulled together a blog called 8 other top tips if you want to conceive a specific gender – feel free to check it out. Also, have a look at some of these other inconclusive (but perhaps worth a try) gender pre-determinations, including what sex positions and foods to eat (or even whether your belly button is smiling or not) that might possibly help you conceive the gender of your choice.

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