Is juice for kids healthy or not? Experts weigh in

It’s fruity, delicious and is a better choice than a bottle of soft drink. So why do people say juice is unhealthy?

Four out of five experts in dietetics, nutrition, medicine and dentistry recently said that juice is not ok for kids, here’s why…

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Is juice bad for our kids?

In a recent piece for The Conversation, five experts were asked whether they thought juice was healthy and the majority said no due to its high sugar content and lack of nutritional value.

Check out what they had to say in more detail here…

1. Fruit juice is low in fibre

Nutritionist Clare Collins says because of its low fibre content, it is easier to drink too much juice rather than eat the whole fruit which has more of the nutrient.

“For example one medium orange contains about 285 kilojoules and four grams of fibre compared to one 250mL juice popper which contains closer to 300-500 kilojoules and less than one gram of fibre, depending on the brand.”

2. It can rot their teeth

Sugars from juice feed the bacteria in the plaque on our teeth. This turns to acid which causes dental decay and strips away the hard enamel coating, which can’t grow back.

Dentist David Manton says, “Nearly half of Australian six year olds have at least one hole in their teeth, and drinks like fruit juice are part of the cause.” Eeeek!

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3. Too much sugar can lead to weight gain

The sugar in juice isn’t just bad for your teeth. Because the roughage is removed, consuming juice speeds our eating up and doesn’t make us feel as full if we ate fruit as a whole.

Doctor Sandro Demaio also says that the roughage in fruit slows the release of the sugars from the fruit into our bloodstream, “…thus allowing our bodies to react and use the energy appropriately, reducing our chances of weight gain and related health challenges.”

So eating fruit as it is is the way to go!

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4. The packaging is designed for kids

Dietitian Katie Dickinson says that not only is the sugar more concentrated in juice, but the products are made to draw kids in.

“As fruit juices are readily accepted by children (they taste sweet), often conveniently packaged and therefore easy for kids to drink, not letting your kids drink juice can be difficult for parents.”

5. If you’re going to give them juice, moderation is key

Water is obviously the best drink, but nutritionist Bec Reynolds says that juice is alright sometimes, as it does contain vitamin C and other plant antioxidants.

“What would be even better, though, is to give children juices that comprise all (or mainly) vegetables, such as carrot, celery and apple juice (my personal fave). This is because fewer than one in 100 children consume enough vegetables, which are great provisors of healthy nutrients and don’t have many kilojoules or much sugar.”

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