Is Pink Noise The Secret To Sounder Newborn Sleep? Sleeping Expert Believes So

She’s one of the most trusted sleep experts in the world, an esteemed author and the creator of the No-Cry Sleep Solution. So when Elizabeth Pantley suggests a newborn sleep solution, new parents take notice. And rightfully so.

Recently Elizabeth Pantley suggested that the secret to a better night’s sleep for your newborn (and yourself) comes down to noise.

Pink noise to be exact. So what is this and how can you bring this sleeping solution into your home?

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Pink Is The New White

You’ve heard of white noise – an indistinct background hum – but pink noise is the next generation of background noise, and provides the perfect sound for bub to drift off to sleep.

Pink noise, according to Elizabeth, “is a variant of white noise that sounds deep, rich, and monotonous.” Sounds like a beating heart, ocean waves, the pitter patter of rainfall or the rustling of leaves on a tree all fall under the pink noise umbrella.

It can be a little tricky to differentiate between pink and white noise but pure white noise tends to have a higher pitch and intensity- a hair dryer blowing, a vacuum cleaner going, the fan buzzing – these are all white noises.

So why is pink noise such a good match for your little one?

“It’s almost like newborn babies distrust totally quiet rooms,” Elizabeth writes.

And considering newborns lived for nine months in an environment with constant noises – the rumbling of your digestive system, the whoosh of blood running through the veins, the da-dum of your beating heart, it makes sense to mimic these sounds once bub is out.

So how can you bring pink noise to your newborn’s sleep routine?

There are a few stuffed animals and dolls, such as the highly popular Lulla doll, that have a noise mechanism inside. There are also apps, YouTube playlists and CDS dedicated to pink noise.

“Choose a machine that does not turn off automatically, since these sounds can be used throughout an entire nap and even all night long.”

Elizabeth also recommends choosing a noise that can be used from the newborn stage right through to toddlerhood.

“A common favourite is the sound of ocean waves (maybe it will remind you of your trip to the beach!) or the soothing sound of rainfall.”  

And, even better news is that pink noise is actually quite soothing for adults too. While Elizabeth warns it may take a week or two to get used to it,”Once you do, it will blend into your nighttime routine easily.”

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