4 items new mums say they couldn’t live without (and 4 they TOTALLY could)

There are so many items you could buy for your newborn! Baby stores are crammed with so many products that parents are coaxed into believing are ‘essential’.

But what EXACTLY do you need? It seems it’s so easy to overspend when you don’t need to!

We asked our Healthy Mummy community which products they couldn’t live without when their baby was little – and what they could’ve done without buying.

Here’s what they had to say…


Items mums couldn’t live without

1.Car seat capsule

best car seats 2016

“I loved my capsule, the best purchase ever!”

– Louise Jenkins

“I loved the capsule so convenient being able to bring it in every time so it wasn’t sitting in a hot car and being able to get bub in and out in the house.”

– Larissa Eastbourne

2.Baby carrier

baby carrier workout

“The biggest thing that I couldn’t have lived without was my baby carrier. My oldest wouldn’t ever go in the pram, a bouncer, or be put down at all so it was a live saver and with my youngest it was essential because I had 2 under 2 so I could chase my toddler around without worrying about my baby.”

– Simone Logon

“I probably couldn’t have lived with out my carrier and a bouncer that was given to me for my first. Was handy to move around the house.”

– Karley Gibbons

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3.Baby monitor

“My most favourite thing ever was the baby monitor it meant I could check on my bubba when I was outside as we were doing a lot of backyard renovations and we have a pool so if she was sleeping we could hear her cry.”

– Jacoby Hall

4.Bath stand


“One of the best things for me was having the bath on a stand, as it was hard to wash bub while recovering from c-section.”

– Krissy Galbraith

Items mum say they didn’t need

1. Baby soap and lotion

“With my first I was given (and purchased myself!) so many different lotions and soaps – which we never used! I’ve bathed all three of my children just in warm water and no soaps due to sensitive skins – save your money ladies!”

– Tegan Dennis

2. Change table

dad changing nappy

“I bought a change table for every one of my children even though we never used it, I was always too tired and just changed babies on the bed.”

– Shea-Lea Christos

3. Baby bath

“I didn’t need a bath. All three showered with husband from the word go.”

– Karley Gibbons

“My oldest loved bathing in the sink and if she wasn’t hopping in with me then she still used the sink until she was a little over two.”

– Simone Logon

“My first was only allowed a bath once a week for the first three months and that was done on our weekly hospital visit. Thereafter, I used a plastic storage container in the bath.”

– Freya Evans

4. Fancy clothes

Hospital Bag - What Should You Prepare?

“Clothes other than onesies for the first 4ish months of life. They don’t need T-shirts/shorts/dresses/shoes before then unless it’s a special occasion. Plus, people buy you so many clothes that you don’t end up using.”

– Laura-Jane Bourne

“Baby shoes and headbands, I was so excited having a girl but every headband left marks and she didn’t need shoes until she was older.”

– Allexe Drombroski

What couldn’t you live without and what didn’t you need? We’d love to know.

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