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‘I’ve learned to love myself again’: Mum finds her confidence after losing 30kg

This mum says there was point where she lacked confidence because of the way she looked. Her low self-esteem unfortunately caused her too feel a little housebound and not want to get out much.

Kim Steuart says before she found the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, she viewed herself in a very negative way – and worst of all she says she didn’t like herself or what she had become.

“I was once uncomfortable, boring, lazy and loathed myself and my body like no one ever should,” she says. “I had zero confidence also.”

Kim before and after

‘I was missing out on making memories with the ones I loved’

Kim says she had quit smoking and had substituted this for iced coffee – which inevitably caused her to  stack on 10kg in three months. Kim says at her heaviest, she weighed 100 kilograms.

“I remember feeling sad, disgusted and embarrassed at myself for getting so big, I hated myself and was turning into a Negative Nancy at life.

“I was a ‘sit and watch’ kind of mum – and I wanted to hide at home instead of being out with my family. I was missing out on making memories with the ones I loved!”

Kim 2

Seeking support

Kim says she decided to start researching ‘how to lose baby weight’. That’s when she stumbled across The Healthy Mummy’s Facebook Support Groups.

“I watched quietly for some time while making small changes,” she admits. “I’d skipped breakfast for 15 years and now I haven’t missed a day thanks to the delicious Healthy Mummy Smoothies.”

Kim says she sat on the fence for 12 months and then signed up for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

“I kick myself daily for all the wasted time. I should’ve jumped on board straight away, but I’m here now. I felt supported the whole time I joined,” she says.

“I was the fussiest of eaters, but there’s a list of thousands of recipes on the Challenge hub, so I found a heap of recipes that I liked and were easy to make.”

Finding herself again

Kim says her first major goal was to reach 84kg. So, she started by walking 1km every day.

Soon enough, she increased her walk. Now she is training to do a 10km RUN along with personal training sessions once a week. How incredible!

Kim Steuart 3

Kim’s new eating plan and walks helped her decrease the number on the scales.

“At that point I actually started believing in myself and everything began to fall into place,” she says.

Kim says she was a stay-at-home mum for 10 years, but the weight loss has given her a new confidence and she’s since returned to work.

She adds: “I started to learn to love myself again, and not because I was losing weight. I was losing weight and getting healthy BECAUSE I started looking after myself and loving myself.

“And that really is all that I needed to do from the beginning. Thank you Healthy Mummy for helping me love me again.”

This is fantastic to hear, Kim! We’re so happy for you.

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