Australia’s trendiest ever boys’ name has been revealed

Bruce, Jack and Mick have been popular over the decades, but in fact, the name Jason has been hailed Australia’s trendiest boys’ name.
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Aussies have loved calling their sons Bruce, Jack and Mick over the decades, but there’s one in particular that has been hailed Australia’s trendiest boys’ name.

That title is bestowed on the name Jason.


How Jason has fallen in and out of favour

The name Jason has been around for centuries. Jason was a mythological Greek hero who was leader of the Argonauts on a quest for the Golden Fleece.

According to Mamamia, the name boomed in Australia between 1971 and 1973. Jason was the number one name in both NSW and Victoria, but by the end of the 70s, the name was out of the top 10.

In fact, it’s not been in the top 100 for ages, although variant names like Jayden, Mason and Jaxon have been peaking in the lists.

Last year, the moniker re-entered the top 100 in SA for the first time in decades. So, it looks like Jason is getting a revival.

But it’s not just Australia. Jason has also been called the trendiest name in the U.S. too.

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Baby name analysis was conducted by David Taylor for Proofreader. He defined “trendy” as a name that was “very, very popular for very, very brief periods.”

Other trendy names on David’s list include: Linda, Brittany, Jennifer, Deborah, Mark, Dorothy, Jamie, Gary and Scott.

The reason Aussies love calling their sons Jack 

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